September Mourning : Rock on the Range Live Pictures



There were a few acts that caused the audience at Rock on the Range to do a double-take and none more so than September Mourning. There were some who stood and stared, while others seemed to be totally drawn in as soon as the band started performing. Yes, there were even some who didn’t truly give the band a fair chance and simply walked away.


September and her band of soul collectors including Riven, Wraith, Rasper and Stitch, made their Rock on the Range debut this year. The band played a short, but very engaging set on the Jagermeister stage. Lead singer September is very charismatic and knows how to command a stage. Her band is cohesive unit that brings a lot of sonic power to back her up. If their set was any indication of what their upcoming album is going to be like, then I think we’ll be hearing quite a lot more from this band for some time to come.IMG_0912IMG_0923IMG_0914




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