Stryper Reveal Upcoming Album Artwork

Stryper just released the cover art for their upcoming album Fallen, which is due out on October 16 via Frontiers. A new single entitled “Yahweh” will be unleashed the week of July 6. If the style of the cover art looks a bit familiar, then there’s a very good reason. The band chose Stanis Decker, who they have worked with in the past, to supply the art.

Lead vocalist Michael Sweet said, “On the album artwork for Fallen we’re proud to say that we had the honor of working with Stanis Decker again (who also did No More Hell To Pay). We sent Stanis the concept about Lucifer being cast out of heaven and he sent us this amazing illustration, capturing the original idea perfectly.”

Michael also offered this teaser about the album a few months back, “It’s gonna be… I don’t wanna scare any fans away or anything, but it’s gonna be the heaviest album we’ve done. Not in the sense that it’s gonna be thrash metal or anything like that. It’s definitely got a little bit of a darker vibe to it lyrically and musically.”

The album will also feature a cover of Black Sabbath’s “After Tomorrow.”

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