Listen To The Alarm’s Mike Peters’ Intimate New Version Of “Strength”

Rock fans around the globe can click here to check out the exclusive worldwide premiere of Mike Peters’ intimate new version of The Alarm’s classic hit “Strength” on Popdose today.  Of the track, Mike Peters commented, “‘Strength’ means more today than it did in 1985.  Almost ten years after its original release I was diagnosed with cancer and the second line of the song “Who will be the lifeblood coursing through my veins” gave me the will to survive. Playing music has kept me alive through 20 years of outrunning the disease. The song also gave its name to the Love Hope Strength foundation that I co-founded in 2007 and has helped build cancer centres around the world and through the “Get On The List” donor drives we host at concerts in the USA/UK, signed over 100,000 people to the international marrow registry and helped find some 1800 potentially lifesaving matches for people like me, who suffer from blood cancer and need a second chance at life. It was important to me that this journey was reflected in the new version of the song as it celebrates 30 years since being born.”

The updated “Strength” is taken from STRENGTH (30TH ANNIVERSARY), an entirely new reworking of the original album, marking the 30th anniversary of the original.  STRENGTH (30TH ANNIVERSARY) has been re-arranged and re-recorded by The Alarm’s lead singer/songwriter Mike Peters to create a brand new listening experience.  STRENGTH (30TH ANNIVERSARY) is due out on October 2nd via Twenty First Century Records distributed by Alliance Entertainment Group and features Mike Peters’ stripped-down, heart-felt versions of such classics as the title track, “Spirit Of ’76” and more.  STRENGTH (30THANNIVERSARY) was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios.

Also available on October 2nd via Twenty First Century Records will be Mike Peters’ 30thanniversary reworking of The Alarm’s full-length debut album, DECLARATION, a version previously unreleased in North America. DECLARATION celebrated its 30th anniversary last year (2014).  Both albums will be available in stores on vinyl and CD, as well as to download online.

In 2007, Mike Peters, a two-time cancer survivor himself, co-founded Love Hope Strength, the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation.  Inspired by the powerful words he had written decades earlier, the charity promotes innovative, music-related outreach and awareness programs for cancer sufferers and their families.  Since 2010, the Love Hope Strength foundation has been hosting donor drives at concerts and festivals across the globe and has registered upwards of 100,000 individuals to the International Bone Marrow Registry.  Through these registrations, to date the foundation has provided more than 1,800 life-saving matches.  For more information on Love Hope Strength, please

Formed in Wales in 1981 by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Peters, The Alarm came to be known for uplifting songs, idealistic values and a powerhouse live show.  With such ubiquitous hits as “The Stand,” Sixty-Eight Guns,” “Strength” and more, The Alarm were staples on the radio worldwide in the 1980s.  In addition to his charity work with Love Hope Strength, the foundation he co-founded, Mike Peters continues to tour the globe with the music of The Alarm and will be announcing new endeavors in the very near future.

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