Cavo’s New Album ‘Bridges’ Is Out Today!

“Great music deserves a new foundation to stand once again, in a new light” – Cryptic Rock

St. Louis based Cavo return after a four year hiatus, revitalized and doing it their way on their new album Bridges, produced Blue October’s Matt Noveskey andout today. Watch the lyric video for the first single “Stay” below:

Cavo is: Andy Herrin (Drums,) Chris Hobbs (Guitars,) Brian Smith (Bass,) Casey Walker (Vocals.)

“This record is completely ours,” explains Walker “If other people like it, great.  If they don’t, that’s fine too.  The fans will understand this record, and we feel we have to honor their support by creating something that is 100% Cavo.  They would see right through it if we didn’t.” 

“Bridges is a sort of re-birth for a band that many of us have come to know and love. They’ve sampled so many different colors on their musical palette as they painted this amazing piece of art. I think it’s going to catch a lot of people off guard when they listen to it. From the lead-off single “Stay,” to the crunchy guitars of “Nights,” to the Eagle-ish “Take Me Home,” there are so many outstanding selections on Bridges. It’s a complete album from beginning to end with no filler in-between, which is a rarity in today’s music industry”I’m Music Magazine

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For once, it wasn’t about what someone else wanted. It was only about the four of them and what they wanted. No label, no producer, no agent, no manager, no one but them. They decided to call it “Bridges,” because they felt like they had crossed over to someplace new.  The dozen-song set showcases the bands rock n’ roll poise, contagious melodies craft and emotional content.

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