Amy Lee Of Evanescence Releases Covers EP ‘Recover Vol. 1’

Fans of Evanescence have been waiting somewhat patiently for new material from the band. The band’s last studio album was their self-titled release in 2011 and the band has been somewhat quiet for the last few years. The band did return to the concert stage in 2015 for a handful of dates. Over the last several months, lead singer Amy Lee has been posting cover songs on her social media and the response from the fans has been overwhelming. She posted this announcement today on her Facebook page:

“Making these covers has been a really satisfying outlet for me lately. I get to play with music I already love and know so well, and instead of just singing my own parts over the speakers (like I’ve done for years with some of these!), I’m getting inside it. You asked for it, so I’m putting the first 4 on an EP for sale on iTunes.”

Recover Vol. 1 features covers of “It’s A Fire,” “With or Without You,” “Going to California” and “Baby Did  A Bad Bad Thing.” The links to purchase your own copy of her new EP are available underneath the cover of the EP.


Purchase your copy of Recover Vol. 1 on iTunes

 Purchase your copy of Recover Vol. 1 on AmazonAmazon.com

2 thoughts on “Amy Lee Of Evanescence Releases Covers EP ‘Recover Vol. 1’

  1. Cover songs? Really ! What’s next an Evanescence greatest hits album. What happened to the people who created “Goth Rock”. Is the end of Evanescence and Amy Lee.

    1. If you’ve been following what Amy’s been doing, she’s already stated that she was focusing on a new solo album and not a new Evanescence album. She did a few covers and posted after having her baby and I’m guessing that they were a good outlet for her to get her creative juices flowing again. The, the fans started reaching out to her asking where they could purchase her covers. So, she threw them on an EP and made them available and, as much as we’d like to get a brand new album, we’re digging these covers while she works on it. Amy and Evanescence are far from over and it’s a shame you feel that way, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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