Carolina Rebellion 2016 Day #3 Review

The parking lot for Day #3 of the 2016 Carolina Rebellion looked like a scene out of The Walking Dead as people resembled zombies as they staggered into line to wait to be herded in for the final day of the event. You could tell that many of those people had never been to a three day festival before and we already dragging with another 12 hour day ahead of them!

Unlocking The Truth and Code Orange kicked off Day #3 as the crowd started to show signs of life. Royal Thunder gave us a great set very early in the day as one of the newer bands that everyone should keep their eye…..and ears….on. Babymetal had many of those in attendance preparing to watch something that they had no clue about, but were very curious to see it. The female trio from Japan confused some watchers and had many others rocking out. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but Rob Zombie loves them and if Rob loves them, then they can’t be all bad………right?

I think I was more excited to finally see The Struts perform than I was to see the headliners. Luke Spiller and the boys did not disappoint as they delivered one of our favorite sets of the entire weekend even though it was a short one. Man, those guys are just phenomenal and are deserving of all the praise and accolades they are receiving. Asking Alexandria caused quite the commotion at their performance when they told the fans that they wanted all of them closer and to come down from. Part of the barricade looked as if it broke as fans stormed towards the front. We saw a few people get hurt and even bleeding from the near riot that occurred.

The King of Shock Rock Alice Cooper proved that those young kids performing at Rebellion didn’t have anything on him as he delivered a set full of classic Cooper songs. Nita Strauss was a part of his band and amazed quite a few people who weren’t aware of “that chick playing guitar for Alice!” Nita’s a beast and it’s always a pleasure watching her up there shredding away! Rob Zombie, one of many artists at Rebellion influenced by Cooper, gave yet another solid performance both musically and visually. There were quite a few around us who were saying that Zombie lip syncs his set, but we didn’t see any signs of that from what we could tell. As with Day #2, I think the next to last band showed up the headliners again. We’re fans of both Disturbed and Zombie, but it was hard for Disturbed to follow-up the action that Zombie had just delivered. They sounded great and everything, but there just wasn’t as much energy on the stage.

So, Day #3 came to a close and the final cleanup started and the tearing down of the stages began. Rebellion expanded to three days this year and from what we could tell, it went rather smoothly. I think some people may be re-evaluating how they will approach the event next year as exhaustion set in on many people this year early on and that was with cooler temps on their side. Big props to Monster Energy and AEG for delivering a great festival to the Carolinas and one that continues to grow each year. It keeps getting bigger and better (that’s what she said) and if that continues, it’s going to move up in the rankings as one of the best music festivals to attend.


Check out the photo gallery from Day #3 of the 2016 Carolina Rebellion. Click on the image for a larger view!

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