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The LA based band The Heirs has managed to create a pretty big buzz for themselves worldwide in a short amount of time. No matter how great a band’s look may be or how talented they are as musicians, it always comes down to great songs. I think that is one thing that this band has definitely been able to wrap their heads around and that’s how to write a really good song. They may not always be deep meaning, philosophical or political themed songs, but they are feel good songs and the world can always use more of those. Led by the brother/sister team of Brandon (lead vocals/guitar) and Savannah (lead vocals) Hudson, The Heirs is rounded out by guitarist Alex Flagstad, bassist/keyboardist Eian McNeely and drummer Brennan Benko. They are currently working on the follow-up to their 2015 EP Ecliptic as well as playing the entire run of this year’s Vans Warped Tour. I was able to catch lead vocalist Savannah Hudson for a few moments as she was packing and preparing for Warped. She shared her thoughts on the tour, their new music and which band member might be prone to getting tardy slips.

Has there been an official release date announced yet for the new album?

Savannah Hudson/The Heirs: Nothing official has been announced yet, but hopefully soon. We’re trying to get some stuff out for the summer, but I think it’s going to be an EP and not a full length album.

Did you guys go with the same producer this time around?

We worked a lot with Bram (Inscore) and he and Brandon produced most of the songs. We love our team and we try to stick with people like that who are great to work with.

We read that you were going to be playing the Warped Tour this year and it will probably be underway by the time this goes live. It’s a grueling and demanding schedule and I was wondering if this tour will be the most extensive tour that you’ve done so far?

Yes, this will be our first three month tour; I think Warped is about three months. We were on a two month tour before, but nothing as long as this one. I love traveling and I love being on the road. I’m very much a gypsy in that way and I don’t really feel homesick, even though I do miss my friends.  I also excited about being out for Warped this year and I know it’s going to be hot as heck, but I’m preparing myself with lots of sunscreen.

Sunscreen and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Warped is a pretty grueling schedule to have to go through.

We only have like six days off in three months and that’s just crazy! I’ve started to try and mentally get myself prepared now because the days are so long. You usually get up at six or seven in the morning and I am so not a morning person at all. I’ve been trying at least twice a week to wake up at 7:00 am and get my day going. I’m the only girl, so I have to wake up and then make sure all of the guys wake up.

It sounds as if you’ll be playing mother hen to all of the guys.

Oh yeah, I am definitely mother hen (laughs). I take care of them, well we all take care of each other, but it’s different with me being the only girl. They all sleep in because they don’t have to do their hair or their makeup.

Your band has really managed to tap into something special with people all around the world in a short amount of time. What is it that you think you’re doing that’s resonating with fans all around the world?

I’m not sure and I ask myself that same question sometimes. I feel so lucky that we have so many incredible people following us and coming out to the shows. It’s such a humbling thing to see that and I love each and every one of them. I try to make it as much as a personal experience as I can for each and every person that I meet. I just think being real is important; I don’t think it is necessary to act superficial or above anyone for any reason.  I love to keep it real; I’ll go get pizza with a couple of fans at one of our shows. I feel so lucky because they’re all such amazing people and I never want to think or act as if I am above any of them.

I can hear a lot of 80s influences in your song structure; did you discover that type of music on your own or did a family member expose you to it?

My mom and dad are music lovers and although they’re not musical, they loved to teach me and my brother about all sorts of music when we were very young. I started singing when I was five and I kind of let them know this was what I was going to be doing forever. We grew up on so much great music because my dad was so into it and my mom was as well. We grew up listening to such great music and lyrics and poetry that I think it really influenced us. My brother has also taken what they’ve given us and really looked deeper into it. It’s an ever changing thing and we’re constantly finding new music and expanding our horizons.

Your music also has such a great feel to it and the vibe that it gives off is very refreshing. You have a platform that you’re on and not all bands tend to use it to do some good in the world. What about you guys?

I think the main goal is to be as real as possible and make music as real and relatable as possible. We’re huge writers and we read the lyrics that are out now. We want to make music that people can feel something to. We like music that creates feels or that tingly sensation and that’s what we want to create. We want to create an experience so that when you walk in from the first song to the last that you go on a journey with us, walking side by side with us. You might feel the same thing we are or you might feel something completely different.  Reaching people and being real with them is very important to us.

It’s time to tell on a bandmate; which member would be most likely to miss the bus as its pulling out to go to the next town?

I’m going to get in trouble for this one; probably either Brandon or Eian. I know that if they’re staying together that if I don’t call them a few minutes before bus call that they’re likely to be late (laughs). They’re very diligent guys, but they are also late sleepers. They’re late night people so they tend to stay up later than everyone and they sleep later than anyone.

I see that our time is about up, so I wanted to thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. Is there anything that you’d like to close with?

I am so excited for everyone to hear the new music that we’re creating. It’s definitely a different level of music and a different level of our experiences in our lives. I hope that people can relate to it and love it as much as we do. I’m super excited for the Warped tour and it’s going to be a long time on the road, but we’re excited for all of the experiences that will come from it. It’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited to be able to continue on this journey.


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  1. Absolutely LOVED this article. I just found out about The Heirs at Warped in St. Pete with my band mates and we instantly became obsessed with their live performance and unique sound!! Thanks for sharing the interview with Savannah! We can’t wait to see what the band is up to next!


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