Album Review ~ The Dead Daisies ~ Make Some Noise

The Dead Daisies are about to unleash their finest work of their young career as a band together. I have to be careful how I say that because each of these guys have been paying their dues for quite some time now, but the Daisies themselves have only been a band since 2012. It doesn’t always work out when you bring this many talented musicians together and expect greatness. It’s the same with a professional ball team trading for star athletes and then they don’t perform well together because something is missing. That something would be chemistry and in our opinion, this band now has a sense of chemistry together that just hasn’t been there until this new recording. That’s not meant as disrespect to any of the other players who aren’t in the lineup right now, but chemistry can be a tricky thing. I’d also like to point out that we are fans of both of the albums that The Dead Daisies have already released.

Out of the picture are Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus because of the Guns ‘N Roses tour and in is guitarist Doug Aldrich (DIO/Whitesnake). John Corabi came into the picture in 2015 and was on the band’s last release Revolucion. Founder and guitarist David Lowy has been in the picture since 2012 while drummer Brian Tichy and bassist Marco Mendoza have been with the band since 2013. Two albums and two EPs later, we are here in 2016 and the band is about to unleash Make Some Noise onto a world that seems hungry for some authentic rock and roll. Well, if you’re one of the hungry ones, get ready to pull up to this rock and roll buffet and feast on this kick-ass album!

The band definitely wears its influences on its sleeves and I don’t think they try and shy away from that. The sound on this album takes me back to mid to late 70s rock with songs with big guitars and strong hooks that could actually stand on their own without flashy smoke and mirror gimmicks. These songs will probably bring to mind AC/DC and the pre-comeback era Aerosmith and maybe even Queen at times. The Dead Daisies may be drawing on their influences, but they are far from copying them. These guys have crafted their own flavor of classic rock and roll infused with touches of blues and then all jacked up on steroids to keep it modern sounding and not dated.

The riffs in “Long Way To Go” probably have Angus Young kicking himself for not writing them himself! If an opening track has ever set the tone for what’s ahead, then this track kicked open the door and screamed “We’re back!!” “Song and a Prayer” is one of our favorites on the album and sounds like a strong candidate for album rock radio. It has a killer chorus and even a bit of commercial appeal to it; we also have to mention a pretty sweet guitar solo that’s in it as well. “Mainline” definitely kicks up the intensity a bit in its tempo and this track contains yet another smoking guitar solo. The stomp along title track may immediately draw some Queen comparisons, if you listen to it further, then you will see that there’s much more to this pounding track.

“How Does It Feel” reminds me a bit of the vibe KISS had going on their Revenge album. The album also has two cover songs in CCR’s “Fortunate Son” and The Who’s “Join Together” and although they stay fairly faithful to the originals, they both have definitely been christened with some major Dead Daisies mojo. Corabi’s voice on “Fortunate Son” sounds as if he was always meant to sing that song. They also take The Who classic and manage to make it sound current and as if it could have just be written recently.

It’s tough these days in an industry that seems stuck in the singles game mentality to find an album this solid from beginning to end. These guys have really put together something special with this new album. You can credit it to new blood in the band or to being seasoned veterans or you can just admit that these guys have captured lightning in a bottle this time around. I tip my musical hat to the really strong songwriting featured throughout this album and to the stellar musicianship as well. I’ve been a Corabi fan for a long time and I don’t think he’s ever sounded better! If you’re in need of a maximum dose of authentic rock and roll that’s infectious and a lot of fun, then this is the album you need to pick up. We’re a little over halfway through the year and this one is on our short list for Best Of 2016. Don’t forget to catch these guys on tour with KISS on their Freedom To Rock Tour starting on August 10.


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