Dorothy ~ Cat’s Cradle ~ July 15, 2016 ~ Carrboro, North Carolina

Every now and then in this crazy world of music, you get hit with a voice that stops you dead in your tracks. The very first time that I heard Dorothy Martin’s voice, it was definitely a “whoa” moment, but we’re not talking much more than a Keanu Reeves kind of “whoa” moment. Martin is the front-woman of the band Dorothy and she can quickly prove to you that she’s not just another pretty face. This young lady has a voice unlike any that we have heard in a very long time. Her bluesy, soulful voice has a bit of a rasp to it and it takes me way back to a time before auto tune when singing was more of a religious experience. You don’t get too many singers these days that can make you feel a song deep down inside, but Dorothy Martin is one of those rare exceptions to the rather mundane rule as of late.

The band rolled into Carrboro, North Carolina with The Struts on July 15 as part of the Dirty Sexy Summer tour. This was going to be a treat because these are two bands that don’t use a lot of smoke and mirrors, but rather rely on the fact that they are extremely talented and the real deal. We saw Dorothy a few months back at The Ritz in Raleigh, NC with Halestorm and Lita Ford and we felt like we were just teased with that performance. Just as it was getting good and intense, we heard thank you, goodnight from the band. It’s tough having an opening slot on a tour like that because of your limited set time, but would have loved another song or two from the band. We were hoping for a longer show on this night given that there was one less band on the bill, but we had to anxiously wait and see what would go down.

Dorothy’s set kicked off with “Kiss It” which is a sexy foot stomping, hand clapping joy ride and really set the tone for the evening, just as it does on her full length debut album Rock Is Dead. It was followed by “Dark Nights” which is a powerful blues rocker of sorts and features a pretty damn tasty guitar solo from DJ Black. This is definitely a band that loves to have fun on and off of the stage; you can tell that they all genuinely like each other and have a blast being together. It may go beyond PG-13 at times, but rock and roll isn’t supposed to be sanitized for your protection. I think two of the strongest selections of the night included “After Midnight” and “Woman” with Martin’s voice soaring to new levels of awesomeness. I honestly think that she could sing Happy Birthday and put a soulful, bluesy spin on it to make you shout DAMN!

Dorothy is more than just a woman; Dorothy is a band. I think that the guys may get overlooked at times because of Martin’s captivating beauty and those guys deserve a ton of props themselves. They’re a damn tight unit of rock and roll renegades who provide the musical canvas for Martin to paint her stories on. By the end of their set, I was sweaty, breathing heavy and a bit exhausted. It was almost like sex, but with my clothes on and with a damn solid accompanying soundtrack.

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Check out our pix from the recent show by Dorothy at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina on July 15, 2016. Click on the image for a larger view!

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