King Shelter Reveals “Preoccupy” Music Video

Orange County’s “salad rock” band King Shelter made noise with their latest single, “Preoccupy,” which was described by Indie Shuffle as “several familiar pieces of different styles of songs that you’re heard before mixed into one song that makes sonic love and produces a pleasantly audible baby.” A visual representation of the lyrics behind “Preoccupy,” the video is a personal contemplation and analysis of the culture of America’s nightlife, specifically LA. King Shelter’s Taylor Hecocks elaborates, “What are we trying to gain? Why do we keep doing these things? Why are we intentionally hurting other individuals for a temporary preoccupation? But most importantly, how can we be better? Because we CAN do better, we just have to try.” The track was co-written and produced by King Shelter and Adam Castilla from The Colourist at Grand Master Studios in LA. The “Preoccupy” music video was shot and directed by Connor Buss of Foreword Films, Produced by Broken Co., and Edited by Jose Ordonez. King Shelter’s vocalist Taylor Hecocks adds:

“The ‘Preoccupy’ music video is an observation and an introduction to the scum and slime punks of LA. We exist.”

 King Shelter is a band from Orange County, California that has a sound that can only be described as “Salad Rock,” a healthy mixture of rock, consisting of surf, grunge, alternative and anything in between. With the obvious layers of intertwining genres (or ingredients, like a salad) creating a unique sound, they also bring their complex lyrics and ideas to remind listeners to think for themselves and that no one person is better than another-in other words, it’s music made for the people, by the people.

“If we want things to be better, then we have to do it. Change happens by people doing things, by people disregarding classes and associations. I want people to see what is important. People are important, art is important, output is important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT.” – Taylor Hecocks

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