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It’s hard to believe that the band Trapt has been around for over twenty years making music. It seems like only yesterday that we were all cruising around and cranking their new (at the time) song “Headstrong” full blast. Lead vocalist Chris Taylor brown and bassist Peter “Pete” Charell are still part of that core nucleus that gave birth to the band and there have been quite a few who have come and gone over that twenty plus year journey. Drummer Dylan Thomas Howard and lead guitarist Ty Fury round out the band these days and they are still going strong. The band released a new studio album entitled DNA last month and is currently a part of the Make America Rock Again Tour with Saliva, Saving Abel, Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, 12 Stones and Tantric. We caught up with lead vocalist Chris Taylor Brown for a quick talk recently on a hot day and Texas. He gave us some info on the tour and the band’s new album DNA.

Hey Chris, thanks so much for your time today. Let’s jump right in with the new album DNA; did you guys do one of the pledge campaigns for this one?

Chris Taylor Brown/Trapt: We did an Indigo campaign before we even started writing the album. We wanted our fans to believe in the concept and be a part of process by listening to the music as we wrote it and hearing clips here and there. Also, by hearing lyrical ideas and discussing things going on in the world and stuff going on in their lives and a lot of that stuff ended up in the lyrics. We tried to include the fans in as much as we could from start to finish.

Did you guys self-produce this time around?

Yes we did.

What’s the biggest advantage of doing that?

You’re not on anyone else’s time schedule; you’re on your own and that’s a big benefit.

The album title isn’t a song title, so I am guessing there may be a story around calling it DNA?

It came from us involving our fans more than ever before and they’re all putting a little piece of themselves in the record, so we called it DNA.

Singles aren’t like they used to be and I know that several tracks have been introduced already. Is the song “It’s Over” going to be the one pushed to radio?

We introduced a couple of songs to radio, but the main one that we’re going with and that we’re pushing is “It’s Over.

Why that one?

It seemed to be the fan favorite out of what they had heard and we feel it’s the right song.

Will this be the first recordings with your newest lead guitarist Ty Fury?

Yes it will.

Did he change the dynamics of the band in any way?

He’s a great guitar player and it really added a whole new dimension to our sound.

Do you still handle the lyric aspect?

I do all of the lyrics and a lot of the music as well.

After twenty plus years, was your approach in songwriting any different this time around?

We really involved our fans more than ever this time around by sharing clips of the music with them and the lyrics as well. We took our time with it and we were able to fine tune things over eight or nine months. The feedback that we got from them as we went was really great.

Let’s jump to the Make America Rock Again Tour that you are on which kicked off on August 6 with Saliva, Saving Abel, Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, 12 Stones and Tantric. What a killer lineup and probably a few bands that you’ve toured with or crossed paths with in the past?

Yes, that and we’re the same genre really with a lot of great songs doing things independently and not a part of a big label with big managers system. That gave all of us a lot of flexibility to go out there and do what we wanted to do without a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

You guys have been doing this for over twenty years and you’ve seen a lot of bands come and go throughout the years. What do you think has enabled you to keep going on like you have?

We have a great fan base that keeps us pumped up and wanting to write new music and perform it live.


Do you have anything else on your radar coming up, like more touring, which you’d like to share with the fans?

We’re not 100% certain, but we’re doing this tour until October and after that, we’ll probably be doing more touring, but we’re not 100% sure at this point.

One last question before we go; what do you think is missing in music today?

I don’t know man; I think everyone’s doing their best and there’s plenty of everything out there.

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