Militia Vox Releases Trifecta Of Aural Assault ‘ISOSCELES’

Militia Vox’s ISOSCELES is a 3 song pre-release to her upcoming full length album THE VILLAINESS, boasting a splay of styles in her sonic palette- including progressive metal, gothic/industrial and psychedelic rock.  ISOSCELES will be available via digital download and streaming, as well as on CDs- it is the first time that digital singles “VOW” and “BORN OUT OF DARKNESS” will be out on disc, remastered.  For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and Siouxsie and the Banshees, ISOSCELES is a trio of dark and dangerous delights. The EP drops on September 3, 2016!

VOW [remastered]- a existentialist pledge for self-reliance with the lyrics “I promise to myself that I can stand alone and use every ounce of angst to rise above this, drown my sorrows and then part the sea, and if I crash and burn at least I am free.”

BORN OUT OF DARKNESS [remastered]- the story of an outsider embracing her edge. “Born Out of Darkness but I’ll make it right, I’m the great American outcast with hell on my side.”

THIS IS SHE– the latest deep, dark anthem. Militia Vox describes the song as “The personification of the complexities of female sexuality” with lyrics: “A woman’s design, is ripe with secrets, so don’t deny what you can’t refuse.”


Well known as the frontwoman for Judas Priestess and Swear On Your Life, hosting shows on MTV2, VH1 and Fuse, and known as a key figure in the Afropunk movement, Militia Vox officially stepped forward as a solo artist in 2013. Based in NYC and originally hailing from Columbia, Maryland, Militia has performed with Twisted Sister, Living Colour, Nancy Sinatra and Cyndi Lauper. MV has become a crowd favorite at national festivals and events- she has held a residency at Times Scare in Times Square NYC and has headlined everything from motorcycle rallies to the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

Militia’s mantra is “Disgrace Your Stereotype” and she lives her life by this adage, encouraging people to be true to themselves and rise above labels. She is a magnetic public speaker at national events, colleges and conferences, as well as being featured in several books, tv shows and films.



The Studio at Webster Hall NYC, Monday September 26, 2016  |  9pm, 18+, $10

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