JW Sargent Releases Official Music Video for “Constant”

Alternative indie singer-songwriter JW Sargent recently announced the release of his debut EP, In Retrograde, set for November 18, 2016, by dropping the debut track “Run” for fans to get a taste of what’s to come. Today, JW is partnering exclusively with idobi Radio, to release the official music video from the EP’s next track, titled “Constant.” “Constant” is a song inspired by JW Sargent’s then long-distance girlfriend and the years that it took for them to finally get together. Sargent explains:

 “I lived alone at the time so I spent a lot of time by myself working on music. I wrote this about deciding to put fear aside and pursue things for real, despite the distance and craziness of life. Sometimes you have to make your perfect time and perfect situation because after all of that time, my feelings for her had not changed.” – JW Sargent

 JW Sargent is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, PA. Sargent considers this solo project the next frontier in his musical progression, after years of playing in regionally renowned bands (Oh, the Story!). For his debut EP, In Retrograde, JW wrote, recorded, and produced all of the songs, making the project the ultimate test in self-reliance. JW Sargent states, “This is the first project where I wrote completely on my own. There’s something kind of terrifying about putting yourself out there, but it’s also very liberating. This is the music that I want to make. My main goal when I started working on this project was to make honest songs that I wanted to hear. These songs are an attempt to understand and process issues that I’ve dealt with and hardships that I’ve faced.” With influences ranging from Bon Iver to The Japanese House and Copeland, Sargent’s music combines indie and alternative styles. Throughout In Retrograde, Sargent aims to expose the light from darkness, and find resolution at the end of the journey.

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