Kurt Baker Combo Releases ‘In Orbit’ Via Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records Today

“In Orbit deftly approximates early ’80s power pop-new wave FM radio crossover”
The Vinyl District

A master of hooks and melody, Kurt Baker shares his fourth full-length album In Orbit today. The rocking, roaring and crooning ten tracks were recorded with the Spain-based Kurt Baker Combo and marks the relaunch of Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

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Dubbed “The Prince of Power Pop” by Mighty Manfred of The Woggles, the Maine native spent the better part of the last decade in The Leftovers and released three albums as a solo artist. His undeniable knack for channeling older eras of musical influences landed him tours with The Offspring and Tommy Stinson, and evidently, the respect of Steven Van Zandt. Just this week, Little Steven declared “All For You”, the album’s new single, to be The Coolest Song In The World on his SiriusXM21 show.


Van Zandt, guitarist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, is also a radio host, proprietor of Wicked Cool Records and Silvio on the hit HBO series, The Sopranos and considers Baker a “consistently great young artist”, making his rock and roll a regular appearance on his program. Baker and his fearsome four-piece quickly became regarded as the obvious choice to kick-off Wicked Cool Records’ partnership with The Orchard.

Wicked Cool Records evolved out of “Little Steven” Van Zandt’s weekly syndicated radio show and SiriusXM channel Little Steven’s Underground Garage. Van Zandt founded the label as a way to further support new rock & roll that wasn’t receiving the recognition it deserved. Among the label’s releases are ten critically acclaimed compilations including Halloween A Go-Go, Christmas A Go-Go and The Coolest Songs In The World Volumes 1-8, featuring music from the Underground Garage. In 2016 Wicked Cool Records began a unique distribution deal and partnership with The Orchard encompassing both the label’s back catalog and all new Wicked Cool releases.

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