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New York City based electro-pop vocalist Jenna Kyle is quite the welcome addition to the world of electro-pop. There’s an infectious, trippy vibe that flows effortlessly through her songs with her vocals having a type of mesmerizing affect that pull you into her world. Kyle crossed our musical radar recently from out of nowhere as we were unfamiliar with this talented young lady. We read about some of her prior work which included appearing on the Stay Safe EP from BAILE as well as her recently released debut single “Dust.” Although we cautiously dipped our little toe into the shallow end of the untested musical water, it only took one listen to her song “Dust” to pull us all the way into the deep end of her musical pool. It’s always a really cool thing here at I’m Music Magazine when an artist grabs our attention like Kyle has. We really love the colors that Kyle is using to paint her musical canvas with and we cannot wait to hear what else she has planned for us going forward. As an added treat, we actually had the chance to sit down with Kyle to talk about her music, her future and even toilet paper.

I tried to do my homework on you before this interview, but I was unable to find a lot of info on you. Are you part of a witness relocation program or something?

Jenna Kyle: (Laughs) Well, this is my really first single and hopefully you’ll be seeing more of more in the near future.

So if we were doing one of those speed dating things, what would you tell me about yourself?

I would talk to you about what interests me; I think we so often jump right into what we all do and that can be boring sometimes. Right now, I’m interested in writing and recording and getting more of this long artwork done. In this Twitter era, everything is short and we spend all this time creating these social feeds and stuff. I’m really trying to focus myself into creating longer work and more music. My background is more varied; I’ve worked in marketing and more of a business background as well. I really felt called to move into music and that’s something that I’ve done my whole life. It was never something that I thought I would do as a grownup. It was a childhood passion and I was lucky enough when I moved to New York about six years to be surrounded by people doing what they wanted to do whether it was artistic or entrepreneurial. I think I was singing with some people at some gathering and they told me that I could really do this. There are so many amazing singers out there and I never thought I could, but I decided that I had something to say and I had a lot that I wanted to give. I dove back into that world and now the music is coming out. That’s where I am at right now, but I am also interested in the art world as well. I’ve worked with this great group called Temporary Distortion and they do an art installation; we actually played music in the installation for six hours at a time. It’s durational performance art, so I’m fascinated by that voyeuristic nature as well.

You mentioned that you felt called to move into music; can you elaborate on that? Were you bored at your job or feeling unfulfilled?

I’m not 100% sure, but it was more of a moment; I was in a great job with a lot of creative freedom, but I really didn’t feel like I could give them 100%. If I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself what I wanted to do, for me it involved creating music at that point. I wanted to be true to what I wanted, so I needed to explore that avenue. I had been singing since I was a kid and one of my earliest memories is singing and dancing on my dad’s flatbed truck. It was just never really presented as a reasonable thing to pursue. My parents were always very supportive, but this was never really an actual option.

You started on the piano when you were two years old; I don’t even think I was potty trained at two!

I remember as a very small kid playing on it; I remember pressing the key and trying to sing in the same note. I was lucky enough to get put into piano lessons when I was about four.

If you could clarify some confusion on my part.; “Dust” is your debut single, but you also had a song called “Keep Moving On.”

That was part of a compilation that we created for the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) for their 2014 National Fall campaign and put out in conjunction with that as well.

Your press release said that inspiration for your song “Dust” came to you in a dream. Does that happen a lot?

I think I am definitely inspired when I remember dreams or when something in real life makes me remember dreams. I think it gives me this sense of inter-consecutiveness, even though you’re just sleeping and you’re brain’s just working. It does inspire me because it feels like this synchronistic moment, but I definitely don’t think that I am clairvoyant or something like that. Science has proven that women enter more of this kind of dream state and you kind of let go of the things that might hinder you. I do find that a lot of inspiration does tend to come from when I am falling asleep or waking up and these ideas just pop into my head. I also meditate and I think you can go into a dream like state when you meditate so I get a lot of inspiration from that. In a lot of music, I try to come back to a thread that instills a positive message in the end even though a lot of my stuff is kind of moody. I try to bring that in, especially for myself, because when you’re singing something over and over, I think it sticks with you and you start to believe it. A lot of people have really dark songs and I think that can kind of darken up your reality as well.

It’s a very cool song and very trippy; I can’t listen to it just once and I tend to listen to it several times on repeat.

Thank you so much; we had so much fun with that one. I co-produced it with my friend who goes by Space 9 and he’s super talented. I played him my first version and then we went to his studio in Bushwick and things got really fun. He’s got those beat making skills and we both had so many ideas. I think he created some really great synth lines that created the tension and he I love working with him.

What’s your plan right now? Are you focusing on releasing singles or maybe an EP down the road?

I’m going to put out another single in a few weeks and that was also produced by Baile and I’ll be working on some remixes as well for those songs. I am working on a lot of new songs and I’ll see if I end up releasing an album or short EP, but I’m not sure yet.

Anything else on your radar that you’d like to mention?

No, no real agenda (laughs). Check out my Facebook page and Instagram, which I am on more and trying to interact with people there. I’m really excited about the next song and we’re working on some video content as well.

We have a few fun questions to close out the interview; are you a binge watcher of anything?

I hate to disappoint, but I’m really not. I tend to be working or out with friends and not watching a ton of stuff.

Do you have a favorite smell?

I really like sandalwood.

What about a favorite snack?

I’m a big coffee drinker, so I am really enticed by a sweet or salty bready item to go along with it.

The toughest question was saved for last; toilet paper over or under?

Toilet paper over; I don’t think I really care either way, but I have heard some people argue about it. There is a correct way, right? Isn’t it over and then you fold the corners or something?

I’m just happy if there is toilet paper there.

Exactly! I agree and you’re not sitting there wondering if you have enough paper towels in the kitchen (laughs). As long as it’s there, it’s golden.

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