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Carrie Lane is a modern day renaissance woman. A singer, songwriter, model and social media extraordinaire, she enjoys connecting with her fans on multiple levels. Carrie has devoted most of her life to making music, hoping to inspire others to find their voice as well.

In June of 2015, Carrie released her successful freshman pop EP, Bows Before Bros. The following February, Lane self released her second successful EP, Bad Idea, under her new persona Honey Thief. Carrie has started 2017 with a bang, releasing her latest single, “If I Can’t Be With You”, on Forever21.  It’s a song that will prove to be very relatable to just about everybody out there who has ever been in love. You know that feeling you get of wanting to be with the person you love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lane’s voice has traces of the the amazing Amy Winehouse throughout it, all while maintaining to still sound very fresh and original. Lane is an artist that you will definitely want to keep an eye and ear on as 2017 progresses.

Your voice is a bit of a throwback and not like the dime a dozen cookie cutter pop singers that have oversaturated the airwaves and industry. For me, it’s like an updated old school vibe; a Carole King meets Amy Winehouse kind of feel. Who did you cut your teeth on as you stood in front of your bedroom mirror singing into your hairbrush?

Carrie Lane: That’s really weird that you said that actually because I started writing because of Carole King. Her songwriting is a lot of what inspired me to start being an artist. When I was young I used to sing a lot of musical theatre in the mirror and I think that translates to my performances now of pop music. I am very animated and invested emotionally in the words I am saying.

While some people are lucky to find one thing in life that they’re really good at, you are multi-talented in that you are a singer, songwriter, model and video creator. Do you think that each of these talents overlap and strengthen you in your other endeavors?

I definitely do! I think I’m a bit of a renaissance woman. I love trying new things and getting as creative as I can whenever I can. I think honing your craft and working on a lot of different projects actually strengthens me as an artist and as a person.

Your latest single “If I Can’t Be With You” is so infectious and it’s been on repeat so much that some of our office people are starting to give us mean looks. Can we expect in other new music in the near future?

That’s so sweet! Yes I have a lot of music recorded right now and am currently in the process of finding the perfect way to put it out. You can definitely expect an EP in May and more music to follow that up soon after.

Do you remember the first time that you performed in public in front of a crowd of strangers?

I do! I was 4 years old the first time I was in a show. I weirdly was not nervous at all during my first performance, I remember my parents kept asking me if I was and I was like why are you asking me that!? I don’t feel like that at all stop it!

Who would your ultimate duet partner be?

My ultimate duet partner at the moment would be James Bay. I love collabing with male artists and songwriters and he’s someone that I really love in the industry right now.

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