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Orange County, CA’s rising ambient/alternative rock group Dear Kora is thrilled to enter the spotlight with the release of their debut single “Sunflower.” Inspired by lead singer Avery Robitaille’s move to America from Indonesia, “Sunflower” is about running away from reality and pursuing what makes you happy, as well as the fear that comes along with settling down in a new place.

Dear Kora is an ambient rock band based in Orange County, California, but with international roots. Lead-vocalist Avery Robitaille was raised in Indonesia; the influence from her exotic home combined with her love for alternative and punk-based music helped make her decision to come to university in Los Angeles, where she combined her talents with guitarist Kevin Holm and drummer Sean Baker, to create a sound that reflects their musical tastes while bringing something new to their music-loving audience. With lyrics and a live show that stirs emotion, encouraging listeners to feel their own feelings, Dear Kora is a band that is only beginning the ascent.

What’s in a name and more specifically, a band’s name? Is there a story behind the name Dear Kora? 

Avery RobitailleKora is the name of a tribe in Indonesia, where I grew up.  I tend to incorporate a lot of Indonesian into our music, since it’s such a big part of my life, so it seemed fitting to have it in the band name as well 🙂

How did the three of you find each other and form this band?

Kevin HolmOpen mic at The Night Owl in Fullerton! I jammed with Avery once and she was like not digging it.  So then like six months later me, Sean, and her all jammed and it just felt right.

Sean BakerYeah, (laughs) it all just kind of happened organically and then at one point we all realized we were meant to be in a band together!!

Avery, what prompted you to make the move from Indonesia to the US?

AveryMy parents really wanted me to go to an American university, and I knew I could pursue music more freely if I was near Los Angeles/Orange County area.

We absolutely love your debut single “Sunflower” and can’t get enough of it. When can we expect more new music?

SeanSOOOONNN!!! We’re planning on getting back into the studio in April.  

KevinWe’re so pumped; we have so many songs ready to record, but unfortunately getting the funds to turn dreams into reality is a very real struggle.

AveryYeah, we have a campaign out with an amazing company called “Perdiem” where listeners can invest in their favorite artist and earn money based on the success of the artist’s music! The money would go straight to us so we could get in the studio sooner and give them more music. By investing in us, you literally become an actual part of the band in a way!

If you could play with any artist who is no longer with us, who would it be and what song would you perform?

AveryOh duh, Bob Marley and “No Woman No Cry.”

KevinNirvana, just one word. Nirvana.

SeanJimi Hendrix, “Bold As Love.”

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