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If you haven’t heard of the Philadelphia based band Foxtrot & the Get Down, YOU NEED TO. With a sound like a mix between Alabama Shakes, Nathaniel Ratliff & the Night Sweats and Leon Bridges, they are a smooth blend of folk, rock, Americana and blues. With songwriter and guitar/harmonica-playing Colin Budny on lead vocals, supported by the soulful and powerful of Erica Ruiz, the band’s sound is full of passion and soul, and uniquely their own. Check out their latest album Roots Too Deep here and get to know them below.

Why music?

Music because collectively we’ve all come to the conclusion that it’s what we’re supposed to do. You try some things, think they’re right for you, then you phase it out. With music, we’ve been committed to Foxtrot for 5 years now, and we still wake up everyday more excited than the last. So, music.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

As a band, we have some influences in common, but we all have our major artists that shaped our individual sounds. Let’s just run through a few: Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, G. Love, Regina Specktor, 311, John Mayer, all delta blues, classic hip hop, the list just goes on.

You just released your new album Roots Too Deep – tell us what that recording process was like. What was your favorite song to record on the album?

So Roots was actually cut in Nashville in mid 2015. The recording process was a marathon two-week session. We just went in for twelve hours a day and got it done. It gave the album a strong cohesiveness that we were looking for. The recording process was beautiful thanks to Tres and Joe (Producer/engineer), but it was the process after that took the time. The waiting, and waiting, and constant touring, and waiting some more. Just working to make sure we dropped the album in the best situation, which we did. It was a test of commitment and patience. But to answer your question, we all love “Black Coffee”, also “Home with Me” and “Letter to Myself”.

If you could have a drink with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Wow. That’s a great question. Here’s a few: Living: Bruce Springsteen: “Dad?!” Kanye West: “Why are there Jeezy ad-libs on Can’t Tell Me Nothing when he doesn’t have a verse” Dead: Ray Charles: “How did you decide to blend soul, jazz, country, gospel and blues?” John Bonham: “How do you do the things you do?”

What is currently on your playlist?

Oh, definitely the new John Mayer waves. The new Ryan Adams record is amazing. Still playing the new Chance the Rapper record. New Rick Ross is great for the gym. New Benjamin Booker/Mavis Staples track. The Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos song is a BANGER. Prince since he got added to Spotify. Vulfpeck. Gary Clark Jr live record. Secret Club. Jason Isbell.

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