Artist Spotlight ~ Dead Sea

We will admit that we don’t know a lot about this new band that hails from Paris that recently crossed our musical radar, but we are highly intrigued by them. Their sound is quite unique and a bit trippy, which fits in perfectly with lead vocalist Caro’s hypnotic vocals.

It’s in a little flat in Paris that Dead Sea composes and records most of its material. In Dead Sea’s songwriting process, every machine is selected with care. The band associates an extensive search of sound textures with otherwise simplified song structures, which directly refer to their primary influences in shoegaze, krautrock and IDM. These instruments also answer to a certain perfectionism. Live, Dead Sea’s drumbeat is always perfectly on time. The same perfectionism has led the band to work on its upcoming official releases for quite some time. In two years, they have composed a few dozen songs, only to keep 8 of them, so far.

Every super hero and villain has an origin and a band is no different…….minus secret government experiments and radioactive spiders. What’s the origin of Dead Sea?

Dead Sea: The band was formed during a full moon party in Indonesia between the three of us guys. Later on, we met Caro at a psychedelic festival in Paris and we bonded straight away.

Why music? Why did you choose that path in life?

I guess we just stuck with it because music is naturally a big part of our lives, listening and playing music is what we enjoy most.

In a short amount of time, you’ve given us two cool songs and two unique and equally cool videos. So, what’s next for Dead Sea?

We plan to release an EP and a new video around September.

Although it’s a bit cliché to ask, we love asking this question anyway! What bands/artists influenced your sound?

Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Neu!, Spacemen 3, Grimes, Beach House, The Horrors, MGMT, Kraftwerk, Broadcast.

If you could bring back any performer who has passed away and perform with them, who would it be?

Klaus Dinger of Neu!; best drummer of all times.




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