Artist Spotlight ~ The Blood Moon Howlers

The Blood Moon Howlers are an American neo-psych three-piece rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA. The band features dual male and female lead vocals with flecks of smokey New Orleans burlesque jazz, blues and heavier rock. The core members are Matt Corette (guitar, lead vocals) and JuJu (bassist/lead vocals). Their multi-genre fused songwriting is heavily influenced by a variety of artists including Tom Waits, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Danny Elfman, Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, CCR and The Doors.

What’s in a name? The music nerd in me loves to know about a band’s name. Sometimes there’s a story behind it and sometimes it’s just something that sounded cool. What’s the dealio with The Blood Moon Howlers Band?

The Blood Moon Howlers: The story behind our name is we were sitting around drinking with some friends one night and there was a blood moon out that night. Once we got to that certain point of whiskey risky we got on top of our roof and started howling at the moon. Our landlord wasn’t too psyched about that! For some reason we decided that name fit perfectly.

Your sound can’t truly be defined by a single genre or confined to a box (which I think is f’n amazing), but has that helped or hurt you in any way?

Both. Some people love it and some people get confused by it. We have had a lot of great feedback over all with people commenting on how the genre transitions are smooth and unique but every now and then we’ll have a person who thinks it sounds too much like two different songs. But that’s kind of the nature of our style and you can’t please everybody!

When was your Wasteland EP released and what’s the feedback been like on it so far? Btw, nice spin on the Johnny Cash classic!

We released Wasteland in January of this year, 2017. The feedback has been really good overall. We have gotten great comments about the dual lead vocals and how we blend our voices together. Thank you for commenting on the Johnny Cash tune, we had a lot of fun remaking it and  putting our on spin on a song by an artist that has really inspired us. 

If you can bring back any artist to perform with, who would it be and what song would you choose?

JuJu: I would absolutely bring back and love to perform with Freddie Mercury because his energy on stage is so powerful and charismatic!

Matt: Cliff Burton is coming to mind right now. It would be awesome to have that bell-bottom wearing Rickenbacker playin’ head bangin’ maniac on stage! 

Final question: Toilet paper over or under?

Over of course! (haha)

Band Line-up: Matt (guitarist/lead vocals) and JuJu (bassist/lead vocals)
(the drummer on our EP Wasteland is named Scotty Wittenberg)



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