Artist Spotlight ~ Sabrina Fallah

Sabrina Fallah is a rock artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A natural on stage with her polished vocals to her guitar playing, this talented singer-songwriter has a powerful voice and a lot of personality. Sabrina has already made a name for herself by performing whenever possible over the years.

The first EP of original songs by Sabrina Fallah was recorded in England by producer Stuart Epps, who has worked with notables like Elton John, Led Zeppelin and the like. This as released as her self-titled rock EP on iTunes. Songs from the EP are played on radio, particularly by Canadian, U.S. and European university, college and online radio stations.

In February 2016, Sabrina made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee where she had the opportunity to co-write with several songwriters and record brand new songs with veteran producer Kent Wells. Sabrina filmed two acoustic videos for two tracks from her EP, which were acoustically recorded. Her new EP Kiss Is a Killer and her videos can be heard and seen on her official website as well as on her social media sites. You can purchase her EP on iTunes.

Why music? Why that path and not a doctor, teacher or politician?

Sabrina Fallah: I got into music at a very young age and really enjoyed being around it. But, when I was a child before I pursued music, I did want to be a veterinarian, doctor, detective, etc, but I grew out of it and really had my heart into pursuing music. 

Do you remember when you got bit by the music bug?

Yes I do. When I was 14 years old, I won my 1st singing competition and that was when I knew I wanted to become a singer.

What makes a good song?

Having a good strong catchy hook to get the listeners attention.

If you could bring back any musician who’s no longer with us and
perform with them, who would it be?

It would be Elvis Presley.

If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

It would be invisibility and mind reading. I think those would be cool to have.

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