Joy Downer Unveil New Music Video “Goddamnit”

Joy Downer is the duo of husband and wife Jeffrey Downer and Joy Bishop. Originally from San Diego but now based in Hollywood, the couple first met through Joy’s older brother when the trio formed the band Hello Sunshine. Now a married duo, they’re an act of duality by alternating vocal duties and embracing the light via benevolent vibes countered by conjuring the darkness via malevolent themes. The duo just released a new music video for their song “Goddamnit.”

“I wanted to write a song that captured the emotions that come with experiencing a profound love. Particularly, a relationship where distance plays a factor for that love to continue to grow. Sometimes it’s an actual physical distance, sometimes it’s a mental one. Either way… GODDAMNIT!” – Joy Downer

“As filmmakers, music is our heartbeat and we’re always searching for the right song to rock our souls. The first time we heard Joy Downer was when we were looking for unique songs to fill the mood of our last film The Dust Storm. The song we used struck a chord when released with not only the fans of the film in America but all across the UK. From this moment we knew we wanted to be in the Joy Downer camp and approached them with our idea for their song Goddamnit.

We wanted the video for Goddamnit to feel like the song —  a rollercoaster of craziness that incurs when a lover is constantly dancing around the mind. Joy’s voice and lyrics play out like that of the Best Actress performance of an artist — a range of sincerity and longing that is presented through a barrage of haunting entrapment and upbeat hopefulness. We wanted to capture this with the contradiction of moments — as if you were standing outside of an Ex’s house then transported into your past memories — except you’re still alone inside those moments.  With the hand of unique Cinematographer Michael Garcia (Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson) we created a world within a world to showcase the erratic beauty that will hopefully linger on the mind just like the way Joy Downer does when she sings —  Goddamnit. Ryan Lacen / Anthony Baldino Director



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