Artist Spotlight ~ Little Empire

Little Empire is a Los Angeles based pop band, and they have been together since 2012. The band is made up of lead singer/keyboardist Lily Lewis, guitarist Dash Kackert, bassist Jeremy Bauer, and drummer Chet Nordskog. In their music, these young inspired musicians touch on the feelings of youthful adventures, heartbreak, good times and bad. Their energetic and confident personalities translate fluidly in their live shows.

Why music? Why not a firefighter or accountant or an astronaut? Why did you choose this path?

Little Empire: Working in a traditional job has never been an option for any of us. We all love being creative, and music is a field where we can embody any other career we want, for a few moments. We can write songs about being an astronaut or a firefighter and make it believable. It’s a lot of make believe; we’re crazy people!!!

There are a lot of musical fish out there swimming around. What makes you stand out in the school of many others?

Little Empire: What’s different about us than a lot of bands is that our band is like a family. When you come see us at a show, you get a part of that. We bring you into our family, and you get to join the Little Empire *ha-ha punny* and we all experience the show together. 

What’s in a name, especially a band’s name? Is there a story behind Little Empire or is it something that sounded cool?

Little Empire: Our Little Empire is where we write out songs. We can make up anything we want, it’s our rules and it’s our empire. Every new song we write, and every new person we meet serves as a building block for our empire. Every experience we turn into a song.

If you could bring back any musician who has passed away to perform with, who would you choose?

Little Empire: Can we please get Prince AND David Bowie?? David Bowie has the voice that carries on through generations and a musical style, clothes, taste that was always way ahead of his time. Prince was the epitome of a living legendary musician. So good at EVERY instrument, amazing performer, unreal songwriter. 

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal and/or cartoon?

Chet: Scooby Doo, Lucky Charms

Dash: Spongebob, Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Jeremy: Rocket Power, Honey Nut Cheerios

Lily: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Raisin Bran Crunch




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