Adam Ant ~ The Fillmore ~ September 22, 2017 ~ Charlotte, North Carolina

Antmusic for Sexpeople. I’m pretty sure if I tried to wear that shirt to school today that I would be sent right back home to change. Although I don’t have that shirt anymore, I have remained a fan of Adam Ant since those early days in the 80s when I first saw him with his Ants on American Bandstand. He’s been back here in the U.S. since early in September on his Anthems 2017 tour. It’s been interesting to watch the reports on this run of dates because he’s really packing venues all over and more than he’s done in years.

The tour made a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Fillmore on September 22. The Glam Skanks opened up the show and quickly won the crowd over. What a great pairing this is and it’s no wonder Adam has been using them to open his shows for quite a while now. Those are some pretty bad-ass ladies whose punk/glam tunes converted many over to fans who were scratching their heads wondering what a glam skank was. Although not a complete sell-out, the venue was packed pretty tight before The Glam Skanks finished their set. As the clock hit 9:00, the house lights went down and it was time for the show.

The band took to the stage and Adam was the last one to step out as the band went into “Beat My Guest.” First off, I don’t know if they have a Planet Fitness over in the UK, but Adam looks to have been working out and looking pretty damn good. He pranced all over the stage during the song clad all in black and wearing his now familiar hat. “Vive Le Rock” and “Dog Eat Dog” followed next with very minimal downtime. I quickly wondered how he was going to keep this pace up for the entire and remained hopefully optimistic that he could.

The prancing continued as did the anthems including “Friend or Foe,” “Antmusic” and “Room at the Top.” Adam stopped a few times to briefly introduce some of the songs such as telling the crowd than a few of these had never been played in America before while others were B-sides. “Prince Charming” and “Kings of the Wild Frontier” went over incredibly well with the packed house. The MTV staples such as “Stand and Deliver, “Strip” and, of course, Goody Two Shoes” got the biggest pops of the night. Not that you were wondering, but “Car Trouble” was one of our highlights of the night and sounded spot on.

One thing that surprised me was how several of these songs had much more of a punk edge to them than what I’ve heard in the past. Props need to be given to Adam’s band consisting of Jola on drums, Andy Woodard on drums, Joe Holweger on bass, William Crewdson on guitar and A.P. Leach on guitar. The band sounded incredibly tight and rarely had time to catch their breath as Adam delivered a twenty five set in rapid fire mode.

As for Adam, I was simply amazed at his performance as he was on fire from beginning to end. He pranced, he danced, he high stepped, he sang, he played harmonica and guitar and he sounded pretty damn amazing. He seems to be in a pretty good place these days and that poured over into his live show. You could tell that he was having a blast performing on that stage. There aren’t many more dates on this run, but we highly encourage you to check this show out if it comes through your town. Don’t regret missing out on this show when you’re listening to co-workers talk about it the next day.


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