Album Review ~ Bobaflex ~ Eloquent Demons

Bobaflex recently released their new studio album entitled Eloquent Demons via Thermal Entertainment which is their first label release in years after doing things independently. Don’t think that going through a label has changed anything about these guys or their music because, in all honesty, this is probably the strongest thing that they’ve ever released. The buzz being created around this album by the fans and critics is very genuine and deserved. I’ve been following these guys for a while now and I honestly believe that this is the most solid, honest and genuine album that they guys have ever delivered. It’s a bit of a back to basics approach from the guys and it seems to one that suites them very well.

The opening is a cross between a WWE promo and a victory speech at a rally. Does it draw from today’s headlines? With a line like ‘one of our own has worked his way through the business world and into the White House,’ it’s up to your own personal interpretation. Most of you have already heard two tracks off of the album in the current single “Long Time Coming” and the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You.” The new single is a kick-ass rocker with its infectious groove and stomping chorus. The band’s cover of the Pink Floyd stays true to the original, but packs more of a metal punch. It’s no wonder the video has over one million views on YouTube.

“I Am a Nightmare” has a bit of an Avenged Sevenfold flavor to it and is a damn solid way to kick things off. “Say What You Will” picks up the intensity and should be a kick-ass song live complete with its “hey, hey, hey” chants just waiting for a venue full of metal heads to chant back! “Lights Out” is by far our favorite track on the album and has a bit of a funky groove flowing throughout the entire song. Wait a minute, before you start questioning me or throwing me hate, let me explain. It’s not a Rick James kind of funk, but more of a groove that a band like Extreme and Nuno Bettencourt would weave throughout a song even as it kicks major ass.

“Real Sadness” is a heavy song in more ways than one, both musically and lyrically. It’s a type of sadness and hurt that many of us have yet to experience in life. Musically, it’s one of the most creative things that I think the guys have ever constructed. The slimy, grudging melody that churns throughout the song surprises you when it suddenly eases up to a beautiful acoustic piece midway through. Then, the guys decide to press the gas again and take off again. The licks are pretty sick on this one, but I think Jymmy’s sick, nasty basslines are the true MVP on this song. Upon first listen, you may ask yourself ‘is ‘Off with Her Head’ what I think it’s about’ and you quickly discover that yes it is! If you have ever been through an intense breakup, then you might be able to (disturbingly) relate to this song.

Is there a bad track on this album? We do think that some tracks are stronger than others (which is on no way a diss), but even the weakest track blows away so much of the craptastic stuff that dominates the airwaves today. The guitar work on this album is beyond sick and some of the most creative we have heard in a while. The vocals are something else that need to be highlighted in this review as well as the freaking amazing harmonies going on throughout the album. The guys have really tapped into something pretty special on this album. A big part is in their approach to making this album and I hope they continue with that mindset.

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