Artist Spotlight ~ Vufcup

Arriving hot from the alleys of Santa Clarita, California, Vufcup’s demo cassette released in 2002 quickly landed in over twenty different states and nine countries. Vufcup released their sixth album Energy in August 2017 and currently have three singles in rotation on radio, Home & New Vows respectively reaching #12 & #15 on the Radio Indie Alliance charts in Australia. Since their drummer Erik Zuniga escaped Vufcup’s hierarchy and fled north, the remaining members have spent a fortune plastering his face on vanilla almond milk cartons in hopes to reconnect.

Meet the culprit:
Mastermind, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, songwriter Diggy Kat (Gemini) was the reincarnation result of merging a calico with a regulator, is an award winning disc jockey that has spent quality time in other bands which has enabled him to be a part of headlining The Viper Room, Whisky A Go-Go and House Of Blues Foundation Room as well as performing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012, the same year he’s consecutively been covering the events of NAMM in Anaheim,California.

Meet the accomplices:
Born out of the ashes of a unicorn phoenix emerged bassist, vocalist Leah Provencher (Taurus)
And you know that feeling you get when you smell a blood red rose for the first time? Mix that with glitter and you will conjure the image of guitarist, bassist, vocalist Bianca Espino-Pursley (Gemini).

Under Diggy Kat’s casual micro-managing, Vufcup’s latest album Energy has taken on a punk rock turn with hints of 90s alternative which has been covered by Killerbeat Magazine & the Santa Clarita Gazette. Warning, here’s the link:

You can also find Vufcup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

They bite but they’re cute so it’s ok to follow their…uh, “adventures”.

What’s in a name? Can you help our readers who may be wondering what a Vufcup is and how you came up with that name?

Diggy Kat/Vufcup: Originally when I was 11, I was writing down different words and some nonsensical words for a possible band name. I kept crossing off words every few days and Vufcup kept sticking out to me. So I finally decided to use it; it was just a nonsensical name but has since developed into an entity of its own.

Why music? What made you decide to travel down this path in life?

Well, the path chose me actually. As a kitten growing up, you kind of want to be everything you see. “Oh when I grow up I want to be a firefighter, plumber, police officer, garbage collector, doctor, etc.” I swear I changed my mind every week! When I was seven, I started writing songs and already had a little keyboard. At eight, I got my first guitar and my first drumset at nine.

If you could bring back any artist to record or perform with, who would it be?

Only one?? Do you know how many amazing dead artists are out there?? I mean, not out there?? Hmm, great question. I think Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse and I could have taken sounds and feelings to another level for sure together.

Favorite cartoon?

I don’t even own a tv! However, even though it only aired for two seasons in the 60s, Punkin’ Puss and Mushmouse will always be a fave!

We saved the most important question for last. Why does breakfast cereal taste better at night?

Cuz it’s cereal,duh! I’ll have breakfast at any time. Pro tip: some cereal tastes even better with coffee mixed in with the vanilla almond milk.



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