Phillip Phillips ~ Red Hat Amphitheater ~ August 23, 2017 ~ Raleigh, North Carolina

Phillip Phillips has been MIA for quite a while now as he’s been battling with the “powers that be.” In January 2015, Phillips filed a petition with the California Labor Commissioner to get out of his contract, claiming that 19 Entertainment and its affiliated companies “manipulated” him. Well, he is now a free man and has stepped back into the spotlight. He joined up with the Goo Goo Dolls as the opening act on the band’s Long Way Home Summer Tour 2017.

The tour package rolled in Raleigh, North Carolina on August 23 and the skies were looking as if they were about to burst with rain at any moment. Just as he was about to hit the stage, the heavens opened up and it started to pour rain! Phillip and his band hit the stage as half of the audience ran as they were afraid to get wet. The other half stood up, cheered and sang along with Phillip. As his first song ended, so did the rain and it wasn’t felt for the rest of the evening. Phillip had what seemed to be a short set even though he played eight songs including his new single “Miles.”

Phillip sounded amazing and it was great to hear him play guitar as well. His axe skills were very impressive, especially when he put some stank on it which you should be able to see in some of our pix from the show. It’s great to see and hear this guy again after a hiatus of about three years. I hope he will be able to regain that momentum that he lost when he had to sit on the sidelines during his legal battles.

Setlist: Raging Fire, Lead On, Miles, Gone Gone Gone, Don’t Tell Me, Magnetic, Home, My Name.

Here are a few pix of Phillip Philips from his 8/23/17 appearance at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, North Carolina! Click on each image for a larger view!

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