EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Charles Ellsworth Debuts New Video “Dyre Straitz” & ‘Cesaréa’ Vinyl

When Charles Ellsworth released his sophomore record, Cesaréa, this past summer he did so with a sold-out release show, the record received positive reviews, and radio stations across the country had found a track or two they liked to spin. It seemed that everything was coming up Milhouse. Everything except a hiccup from the company pressing Cesaréa on vinyl which created a production delay which Charles is happy to announce is over. Charles Ellsworth’Cesaréa is now available on vinyl, and to mark the occasion he has teamed up with I’m Music Magazine for an exclusive release of a new music video for his track “Dyre Straitz.” 

Speaking about the process Ellsworth seems to be enjoying the ride, “Cesaréa seems to be the gift that keeps on giving in that it has been about a three year process from the start of the fundraising, to the release, and now the vinyl printing. There’s something really exciting about the entire process, but there’s a lot along the way that can cause delays. It’s such a relief to finally have the vinyl available and to start being able to fill those orders this week.”

As for “Dyre Straitz” Ellsworth explained, “I like to introduce the song by saying “This is a fun little song about infidelity” and then jump right into the riff. As a traveling musician, relationships don’t always work out very well and I wrote this after one where I got burned. When we went in the studio to record I looked at the Dyre Straitz lyrics and was like “wow, teen angst much?” I told my band and producer Bob Hoag that I wanted to approach it in a way that didn’t take itself too seriously. That ended up also being our approach to the video.”

“We try to be as D.I.Y. as possible, and sometimes it doesn’t hurt that Charles and I both have film backgrounds.” said Ellsworth’s manager Mark Ricks, who directed the video. “Last fall Charles was back in Salt Lake on tour and some friends of ours hosted a backyard barbecue show. Chuck spent most of that afternoon with the kids skating and teaching them how to play a couple of his songs. That night as we were leaving he mentioned the one constant tour lament, that there’s never enough time to just hang out. The idea of having those same kids be Charles’s backing band seemed obvious. The rest of the video simply came from me being a jerk who wanted to see what kind of ridiculous scenarios I could get Charles to agree to put himself into.”

Ellsworth added, “I never get much time to hang out with people when I’m on tour, and a lot of the shows I play are 21+ so my friends with families don’t always get to come. As we were planning the Cesaréa tour Mark came up with this idea as a way for me to get to spend an entire day skateboarding, playing music, and having tea parties with with some of my favorite kids in the world, while also doing something productive for my “music career.”   

The video was shot on location this past summer in Salt Lake City, UT with the help of SLC based production house Media Grabbers. The song “Dyre Straitz” is track four from the A-side of Cesaréa. You can pick up your own copy on vinyl or other formats (cd or digital) at CharlesEllsworthMusic.com. Or get a copy direct from Charles himself at a merch table near you. Ellsworth is currently working up an escape plan to avoid another Brooklyn winter by playing music across the more hospitable climates this country has to offer.

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