Idlewar Unveils “Hang” Video + New Album ‘Rite’ Out 10/12

Southern California hard rock trio Idlewar have have released a new music video for their track “Hang.” The guys are about to begi the latest chapter of their unfolding musical journey as they release their latest album Rite on 10/12.  The guys have upped their game from a very high bar with their new album which is due out Oct 12th via Off Yer Rocka Recordings. Singer/bass player James Blake solidifies why he is one of the best singers in rock today. With a continuation of varied moods, tempos and groove. Idlewar’s music is far from one dimensional. With the record being produced again by drummer Pete Pagonis. Rite maintains the sound of a band playing with inspiration and grit. “We feel we’ve made one of the best hard rock records to come out in some time” Rounding out the band is guitarist Rick Graham whose blend of new and old influenced blues based playing is the perfect fit for the band’s sensibility.

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