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Great songs being delivered by a frontperson with amazing vocals will get our attention each and every time. That would definitely apply to The Nearly Deads who are proving to be one of Nashville’s hottest up and coming acts. The band is fronted by the compelling powerhouse vocalist Theresa Jeane who continues to prove that she’s a force to be reckoned with. The band released their new EP Revenge of The Nearly Deads back in June and it’s a batch of some of the finest alternative pop/rock tunes that you are going to find. The songs are catchy and they help to spread messages of empowerment and positivity that are needed more than ever these days. The band recently hit the road with Blameshift for a co-headline dubbed The Wake The Dead Tour and we caught frontwoman doing some laundry before showtime. She decided to multi-task and talk to us for a bit at the same time and provided us with some insight into the tour and all things The Nearly Deads.

You’re out on the road right now on a co-headline tour with Blameshift, which is a great double bill.

Theresa Jeane/The Nearly Deads: We’re about a week and a half into it; we’ve been on so many tour tours that seem to go on and on forever. By the end of the tour, you’re sick of each other. Every band that I’ve ever met only wants to be gone a few weeks at a time, then they go home for a week or two and then they go back out. Booking agents tend to put you out on the road for a month or a month and a half and nobody really wants to do that. We’re happy that everyone was cool with only doing three weeks.

I think I already know the answer to this question, but how have things been? I’m sure that there has definitely been some mischief!

Things have been amazing! Blameshift likes to party, which I’m sure you know, and they have a lot of fun with it. They’re very grateful and humble; fans have loved both bands. We’ve had fans of ours who have told us that they had never heard of Blameshift until this tour and they loved them. It’s happened vice versa as well, so it’s a very good fit and it’s been a lot of fun.

Is this run of dates taking you into any new markets?

Honestly, we do hit a lot, but there are certain cities and clubs that are close by that we really haven’t been to. We played this place called Mentor on the Lake, Ohio and had no idea where it was. It ended being on the outskirts of Cleveland; we’ve also played Kent, Ohio. In Indiana, we played South Bend which is four hours from Indianapolis, but we still had people drive four hours from there to see us. We’re definitely hitting some smaller, newer markets for us. Towards the end we will be going back to places like Fort Worth, Texas and Oklahoma; this will be our first Nebraska show in a while. It seems like a lot of new places, plus there are places like Texas where we haven’t been in a while.

What’s it like going into a new market for first time?

We’re always excited to play every show and at some of these shows we have met people who had never seen us before live, but had been fans for five years. We hadn’t come anywhere close to them, so they were really happy that we came there and that has happened to us a few times. You never know what to expect any night or any shows; certain places you have been to before, so you kind of know how things will be.

Your Revenge of The Nearly Deads EP was released in June, but with the short attention span of the market right now, do you find yourself already looking ahead to your next project?

For now, we’re really going to focus getting out to more fans; the music is kind of new, but everyone already wants more music. Still, you have some who have never even heard of us or who we are. We’re going to focus on building the fanbase up on the music that we have already released for the time being and then work on writing new material and our spring tour.

How do you do that?

Hopefully, we will be releasing some live videos and maybe a few cover videos and stuff like that, plus promoting the ones we already have out.

I think it’s really cool how you incorporate things that you like, such as gaming and pop culture, into your videos. Your “Frequencies” is a favorite of mine and it’s a tribute to Stranger Things for that one. I know you’re excited about the new season and like most of us, you will probably binge watch it like us. Do you have any other shows that you are a binge watcher of?

I actually watch this British baking show called The Great British Baking Competition. It’s not very sci-fi, right? (laughs) The Walking Dead is about to start back up so we’re excited for that. Baking shows are a weird thing that I watch and I just love the Halloween baking competition. It’s called Halloween Wars and they carve pumpkins and make these crazy cakes; I don’t know why I love watching those shows. I do love baking, so I just love watching those.

I watch some of those shows too and after you watch them, you think that you can bake anything.

Then, it turns out awful (laughs)!

The band is based out of Nashville and it’s not your mom and dads’ Nashville anymore.

We’ve been here since about 2011, where we originally started going in that direction and finalizing the lineup and stuff like that. Originally we were in Tampa, Florida, but when you think about making this a career you really have to think about LA, New York or Nashville. I think that Nashville appeals to so many people now because it’s just so laid back and affordable where as New York and LA are both very fast paced and so far away. Nashville was the realistic option for us and I think it is for a lot of people. It’s southern, so how could you not love it? There are so many genres flourishing there right now and people are flocking to Nashville every day. You still have the country roots here, but it’s very LA. Also, you can afford to live here which is a big plus. The music industry can be very competitive and it can be dog eat dog. We got to Nashville and we knew we had to practice more because everyone here is so good. It makes you really step your game up which is important and you need to be around people like that to want to strive to get better at what you’re doing. At the same time in Nashville, people help each other out. I know a lot of people in LA and a lot of bands that are really great and they want to help each other out, but I think as a whole that Nashville is more of a community. We all help each other out; we wouldn’t be where we are without playing our first shows in Nashville and have people tell us that they had a producer who would be perfect for us or a photographer that could do photos. We wouldn’t have met anyone without the help of other rock bands in Nashville and that community.

I talked to Jenny Mann from Blameshift in an interview that we did and I would like to address it with you as well. I have a ton of respect for both of you for not playing the “sex card.” I see it way too often and it’s just not my cup of tea; I prefer substance over style.

I appreciate that and Jenny and I were just talking about that. We have this conversation with just about every female fronted band that we tour with. We are focused on being very genuine and if I was genuinely a “whatever” person, then it would make sense. I don’t want to knock any female for doing their thing, but when they’re doing it and it seems like they’re trying too hard or feel like they have to be over flashy, kind of like “show off the goods,” then I think it’s doing them a disservice. It’s taking away from the music which is what should really matter. I would never judge anyone for doing it because if that’s your thing and your style, then go for it but be genuine in what you are doing. I’m never going to tell another woman that they can’t dress a certain way, but do it because it’s you and not what someone is telling you that you need to do or you think the industry expects it. If that’s what you want to put out there into the world, then more power to you. It’s not what I want to put out into the world; I want to be a good role model. Not to say that women like that can’t be role models; that may be your thing, but it’s not necessarily mine. It would seem phone and be very uncomfortable for me to try to be sexy (laughs).

It’s almost time to wrap this up, so we will end with a few really tough journalistic probing questions. It’s almost Halloween, so did you have a favorite costume growing up?

When I grew up, I remember wearing the same costume every year and I don’t know why. I wore the same purple, plastic Barbie mask for years and I think I had a purple dress or something. Then, one year we got a Dalmatian dog as a pet and I wanted to dress like a Dalmatian, so I did that for a couple of years. I think my mom sewed that costume.

Do you have a favorite scary movie?

I really liked The Shining; I don’t like slasher, gory movies.

Less is definitely more.

I like The Birds too; you don’t ever go by a flock a bird and not think of that movie and be scared that they’re going to peck your eyes out.

If you could sit down with any musician who is no longer with us and have a cup of coffee and talk, who would you choose?

Oh my goodness; there are definitely a lot of people who are still living that I would love to do that with, but I would have to go with Curt Cobain. I actually have the same birthday as Curt Cobain, February 20. Nirvana is a big influence and a very intriguing phenomenon that happened. I’ve always kind of felt some sort of weird connection to him, so I would love to talk to him about being a Pisces. I know you didn’t ask for two, but I would also have to say Tom Petty. The music industry back in the 70s was so cool and very organic; I just love that whole era back then. I would love to sit and talk to him about songwriting.

This has been fun, but I know we need to wrap this up; is there anything you’d like to close with?

Anyone who is reading this who hasn’t listened to us, please take some time and check us out on YouTube. We’re on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. We also have physical copies of our music and vinyl at our merch store. Make sure to hook up with us on Instagram and Facebook so that you will know when we are touring and keep up with all things The Nearly Deads.

Order your copy of Revenge of The Nearly Deads HERE

The Nearly Deads are: Theresa Jeane – Vocals and Keys, Steven Tobi – Lead Guitar, Kevin Koelsch – Bass, Javier Garza Jr. – Rhythm Guitar
Josh Perrone – Drums



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