PLYA Debuts Infectious, Dreamy New Song “Thinking of You”

At the center of PLYA (pronounced “ply-ah,” Spanish for “beach”) is the voice of Julia Sykes, whose eclectic upbringing took her from Mallorca to Morocco and back before she headed to the United Kingdom, where she met bandmates Kris Taylor (guitar) and William Brown (drums). Together, they are poised to take on the world with their infectious, darkly gorgeous brand of dreamy electronic pop, which marries the sophistication and style of the London scene with the allure of West Coast beaches and the glitter of Los Angeles. After years of playing together, the members of PLYA have captured their perfect sound, filled with lilting melodies and lushed, layered effects. Sykes has just been awarded PRS’s Women Make Music Grant, putting PLYA’s star even more on the ascendant.

The first single off of their upcoming album Thinking of You is your perfect track for a late-night city drive. Behind its infectious chorus and energetic beat is the story of falling hard for the wrong person. “It’s about having that fiery connection with someone you know isn’t right, and missing them after they’re gone,” says Sykes. Written in one day in a studio on the beach, the song captures the essence of the California coast, transporting listeners straight into the heart of PLYA’s sensual dreamworld.  


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