NYC’s Luke Buck Releases Soulful Indie Rock / Pop Ballad “Winter”

New York’s singer-songwriter Luke Buck comes forward with a emotional and soulful indie rock/pop ballad today, titled “Winter”. It’s a beautiful yet heartbreaking single of finding yourself lost and alone at the end of the relationship. “Luke Buck taps into the season’s looming sluggishness as a cathartic escape, pinned with withering piano and strident trumpet, on his melancholic new single ‘Winter,'” shares Bsides & Badlands who hosted the premiere.

The reality comes as harsh as the winter chill, with lyrics digging deep, “It’s Wintertime here in Brooklyn and you have left me alone again. The sun goes down so early, it’s like it’s setting just for me.” With moving and melodious piano and accents of jazz trumpet, the single will tug on your heartstrings; a strong reminder that the seasonal festivities aren’t always full of joy for everyone.

“Winter” comes as a direct follow to Buck’s latest EP All These Things released earlier this fall. Inspiration for the single came during the recording of the EP, after a new relationship failed. Buck shares, “I totally immersed myself into recording my EP All These Things to cope, and it worked. For a while. I was too busy to deal with the emotions fully. But the day she told me she met someone new was a punch in the gut. It wasn’t fair to expect otherwise, but you know, it still brought up some repressed feelings. I sat down at my piano again and “Winter” started to come out again, but this time with a renewed meaning and feeling behind the words.” While Buck recorded his signature vocals and masterful piano playing, he called on friends Cass McSparin (back-up vocals), Jed Nimitz (bass) Mike Irwin (trumpet) and Robert Mitzner (drums) to take the track to the next level. “I knew I wanted to record it immediately to capture that feeling, so we tracked piano, bass, and drums together in the live room at M&I studios in Hell’s Kitchen. Their room has such a warm tone – exactly what I wanted for this record. The trumpet was such a strong addition to the song it made its way out of the choruses and solo and spread into the intro and verses to became the key part to the entire song.

Buck is already working on his next set of songs and plans to hit the studio in early 2018, with a new set of material. “Winter” is already a strong step forward for this singer-songwriter’s sound, and he views this progression as only natural. “I don’t think people are just one thing, they are a mess of contradictions and emotions, so it makes sense that the music I’m making sounds different each time. Hopefully listeners will embrace that about me because I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Ultimately I’m making music for myself, both for fun and for a coping mechanism, and I hope people will join me for the ride!

Buck also released his brand new All These Things Deluxe 12″ Vinyl this week. Side A contains the All These Things EP and Side B has his band, Luke Buck and the Stops Here‘s Live to Tape at Degraw Sound: the ALL THESE THINGS session. Physical copies are available for order now via his website.

If one set of vinyl wasn’t enough, Luke Buck will be performing a live-to-vinyl session at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings (Brooklyn) on December 19th. Each take is cut direct to 7″ lathe cut vinyl record containing a one-of-a-kind take of a song specifically by order. No two records will be the same and only one copy of each will be made. Pre-order copies, with individual song requests, can be made through Leesta Vall’s website, with an estimated ship date of December 20, 2017.

“Winter” is available for purchase and stream on BandcampiTunesSpotify, and all major digital retailers now.


Luke Buck is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter from the ‘sticks’ in northeastern Pennsylvania. “My mother loved Kenny G., I didn’t!” he recalls. Still, he learned saxophone in fourth grade, followed by guitar and piano, resulting in a life­long love of music and an unquenchable desire to learn every instrument he can get his hands on.

Luke’s music is heavily influenced by ’90s alternative rock, primarily Counting Crows, Radiohead, and Weezer, with deep blues and classic ­rock roots. His first EP, Dark Matter, released in summer 2016, included catchy hooks, earworm melodies and the beautiful, memorable song “Jenny,” in which Luke passionately repeats “Fuck you, Jenny” over lush piano chords. Following the Dark Matter release, his band, Luke Buck and the Stops Here, recorded a live EP/video series called Live to Tape at Degraw Sound: the DARK MATTER Session.

Luke’s second studio EP All These Things, and his follow-up live EP Live to Tape at Degraw Sound: the ALL THESE THINGS session, were released at the end of October 2017 and are available now in digital release everywhere. He lives in Brooklyn with his two dogs, Maddie and Lola.

“Winter” Credits

Recorded at M&I Recording Studios, engineered and mixed by Ira Yuspeh, produced by Fred Stuart, Ira Yuspeh, and Mad Lola Media; Original cover art by Adam Zoltowski

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