The 28 Best Albums Of 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end, it tends to be a time of reflection. We look back on the good, the bad and the ugly of the year that was. That also includes looking back on the year in toonage, but we choose to skip the bad and the ugly here at I’m Music Magazine. We tend to stay more positive here and we look at the albums that caught our attention and moved us for many different reasons. I don’t think we do our end of the year list like some magazines who tend to stick with what’s popular and what’s trendy. There may be a few mainstream albums on our list, but that’s because we really connected with them. You will see more indie bands/artists and bands/artists on the rise on our list. If you haven’t heard about them before, then we hope you will read about them and take a few minutes to check them out. We feel that each and every band on this list is deserving of your time and (hopefully) your support. So, let’s get this thing going, shall we? We know present to you (in no particular order) our 28 Best Albums of 2017!

Sons of Texas Forged by Fortitude: You may remember Sons of Texas and their 2015 debut album Baptized in the Rio Grande which garnered the guys quite a bit of attention. Now, fast forward to 2017 and a couple of hundred shows later and the guys are a little more seasoned now. They have a few life lessons, both good and bad, under their belts as well as a better sense of the band that they want to be. With all of that being said, Forged by Fortitude is a damn solid album and the guys prove that they are far from a one trick pony. Each member brings a diverse mix of influences to the table and instead of ignoring them, they choose to use them to their advantage. This album is diverse and intense with many layers to it that, when peeled back, help to give a great insight into something very special going on deep in the heart of Texas. Guitarist Je De Hoyas is a freaking beast on that axe and bassist Nick Villarreal may just be the MVP of this band with some of the sickest basslines that we have heard in a long time. Key tracks: “Buy in to Sell Out” “”Down in the Trenches” “Beneath the Riverbed”

Lesley Barth Green Hearts: Lesley Barth crossed our musical radar in 2016 with her EP Good Like This. She is a contemporary artist with a bit of a throwback touch that harkens back to some of the biggest and best singer/songwriters of the 70s. If Natalie Merchant and Carole King had a love child, I’m pretty sure it would sound like Lesley Barth. We loved her Good Like This EP and she really surprised us on this new album. There are elements of bossa nova, folk, disco, pop and country on this album as Barth samples many different musical colors on her palette while painting her musical landscape. Her quirkiness and individuality can be found on each and every track on this new album. Not only is her sound reminiscent of some of the greats of the 70s, but she also continues to keep their art of storytelling to music in three and a half minutes alive. Key tracks: “Song Without a Name” “You Came Too Late” “Just Like Summer”

Freddie Nelson Shake The Cage: Freddie Nelson has one of those voices that will stop you dead in your tracks and for all of the right reasons. Shake The Cage is full of catchy, hooky tracks that serve as a great vehicle for Nelson’s four octave voice. We are living in a day and age where technology can make a below average singer sound amazing. In the case of Nelson, he doesn’t need the smoke and mirrors being used by many to increase his self-worth as he shines above and beyond those artists just by being himself. His voice in quite captivating, with elements of the late Freddie Mercury shining through on many tracks, plus his guitar player is pretty damn killer too! Key tracks: “All Night Long” “Hey Doll” “Light”

Scarlet Sails Future from the Past: I remember reading earlier this year that Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls/Violent Femmes) was finishing up a new album with his new band Scarlet Sails. That was enough to get our attention, but then we learned more about the band including the fact that his Russian born pianist/vocalist wife Olya was also a member. We found her backstory to be very compelling and intriguing, thus heightening our anticipation for this album. It only took one listen to the album to completely hook us in. The band’s sound on this album refuses to be confined to a box as many elements go into making this album a whole piece of art. It is very theatrical and cinematic, but also possesses pop, jazz and rock elements as well. Olya proves very quickly that her spot fronting this band was earned and not just given to her. She has a tenderness and vulnerability to her voice that draws you in. She also has a bit of grit and edge to it as well that helps to bring the raw, emotion to the surface. If David Bowie and Chrissie Hydne would have had a love child, then it would have been Olya. This album is bold, daring, real, refreshing and inspirational. I really hope that I can get the chance to see this group perform live in the near future. Key tracks: “One, Two (Fear)” “Alive” “As I Am”

Mr. Big Defying Gravity: It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost thirty years since Mr. Big released their debut self-titled album. The band did take a break in 2002, and then the original lineup reunited in 2009. This is the third release for the guys since reuniting and if this one missed your musical radar this year, then you better go back and check out what you missed because this album is solid! The guys brought back producer Kevin Elson for this one and if that name sounds familiar, then it’s for good reason. He’s worked with the guys in the past on such albums as Lean Into It and Bump Ahead. Another thing to note is that Matt Starr was brought in to handle drumming duties due to Pat Torpey’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Torpey was on-board for this project and his input into the making of the album proved to be very valuable. This album does manage to have a bit of a retro sound, but it doesn’t sound dated. There’s a lot of diversity on the album as well with rockers, ballads and even acoustic stuff on here. I have always thought that Eric Martin has always been a very underrated singer and his performance on this new album is superb. Key tracks: “Forever and Back” “1991” “Everybody Needs a Little Trouble”

Jibe Epic Tales of Human Nature: The band Jibe would easily fit into one of the old VH1 shows “Behind the Music” after all that they have been through. “Talented band scores a big hit and is poised to take their game to the next level. Then, out of nowhere, they lose it all only to reform years later to reclaim it.” There’s a lot more to the story of Jib, but that’s the extremely short version of it. The guys returned strong in 2017 with a new album entitled Epic Tales of Human Nature which is their first album since 2003. It’s not a concept album by the definition that you think of, but all of these stories are connected and they do tell a story. This is one of those albums that you need to listen to multiple times to truly get it. There are a lot of layers to be peeled back and explored, so take your time and explore it. This is such a kick-ass album from the guys and we are always so excited to turn people onto it. Lead vocalist Joe Grah is incredibly passionate about the art that he’s creating as we found out in our interview with him earlier this year. We also recommend listening to this album through big speakers and not earbuds or a laptop. You really need to crank this one loud! Key tracks: “The Human Condition” “We’ve Only Just Begun” “Best I Ever Had”

Chris Barron Angels and One Armed Jugglers: Chris Barron is known to many as the lead vocalist of Spin Doctors, but he also has a few solo releases under his belt. I have to admit that this album snuck up on us and please, let explain that a little. We entered our first listen to Angels and One Armed Jugglers optimistically since we are already a fan of Spin Doctors and of Chris’ sense of humor. I thought that we might end up licking this album, but the truth is that we fell in love with it. It quirky, it’s diverse, it’s laid back, it’s refreshing, it’s fun, it’s personal and it’s a pretty damn beautiful work of art. It’s hard to believe that this guy has lost his voice twice because he sounds pretty damn awesome on this album. It has a smoothness and familiarity to it that just feels really good. You know, like when you put on your favorite shirt or favorite pair of pjs.  Key tracks: “Gonna (Need Someone)” “Till the Cows Come Home” “Darken My Door”

Greta Van Fleet Black Smoke Rising: To quote the great Steven Tyler of Aerosmith “Shit fire and save matches, fuck a duck and see what hatches!” Four kids from Michigan have taken the rock world by storm and are selling out shows just about everywhere. The Kiszka siblings (Sam and twins Jake and Josh) plus longtime friend Danny Wagner seemed to burst out of nowhere with their Led Zeppelin-ish sound and Plantlike vocals. Their “Highway Tune” lit rock radio up hotter than it’s been in a long time. The guys take the Led Zep Jr. comments all in stride because they know that once fans truly listen to them that they are able to tell that there is so much more to these guys. Zep is an influence as well as many of the great classic rock bands from the 60s and early 70s. This four song EP is one of the coolest things we’ve heard all year and the future is very, very bright for these four young guys. Key songs: “Highway Tune” “Black Smoke Rising” “Flower Power”

Kelly Clarkson Meaning Of Life: Oh Kelly Clarkson; you continue to surprise us fifteen years after winning the inaugural season of American Idol. This new album leans more towards pop/soul than pop/rock and we’re ok with that. Actually, I think that Clarkson’s voice is better suited for that style of music. The more we listen to this album, the more we notice that Clarkson’s voice is less polished with elements of grit and raw emotion shining through. That works to her advantage and really elevates several tracks on this new release. I’m beginning to believe that there’s nothing that this talented young lady cannot sing. Key tracks: “Move You” “Whole Lotta Woman” “Meaning of Life”

Blacktop Mojo Burn The Ships: It’s a pretty ballsy move to take on one of the popular tracks of all-time in Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” but the guys in Blacktop Mojo love a challenge. Normally, I would pass on listening to a cover of that tune because I have heard way too many bad versions, but something really compelled me to push play on this one. That kick-ass cover was our introduction to Blacktop Mojo and made us lifelong fans. These guys impressed quite a few people in 2017 with their mix of killer vocals, passionate lyrics and top notch musicianship. Those impressed included Jon Bon Jovi who picked the guys to open his show in Dallas, Texas at American Airline Center back in February of this year. The guys seem to draw old school rock and metal fans along with a younger generation who are growing up listening to their parents rock/metal CDs. Key Tracks: “Dream On” “Where the Wind Blows” “Prodigal”

Heaven and Earth Hard to Kill: We fell in love with Heaven and Earth when we first heard their last album Dig, so we were very excited when we heard that they were working on a new album. There was a major lineup shift after the release of the last album, so we were very curious if it was going to affect the sound of this new album. One listen to this album was all it took to hear that the band was sounded tighter than ever! Joe Retta has to be one of the most underrated vocalists in the music industry! Seriously, this guy’s voice is so freaking good! This album is some of the best blues tinged hard rock that you are going to come across in quite a while. Guitarist Stuart Smith is a beast on this album from beginning to end! Now, hopefully we can get these guys touring all over the U.S. so that you can experience this live! Key tracks: “L.A. Blues” “Hard to Kill” “Bleed Me Dry”

Silvertung Lighten Up: When it comes to acoustic albums, it’s usually a game of love it or hate it. They can come off sounding somewhat boring and stale, while others manage to make them exciting and fresh. As for Silvertung, they decided not to do acoustic note for note interpretations of the tracks on Lighten Up. Instead, they decided, for the most part, to reinvent each song and push the creative envelope. You’ll recognize a song like “Devil’s Advocate,” but this version is quite different and includes some awesome violin work from Drew Vervan. “Face The Music” has a swing kind of vibe to it and the drums in “Justify” bring a feel of old school Johnny Cash to the track. The guys also included a new track entitled “Dig.” Just when you thought these guys were going to go right, they take the fork in the road and go love. I have to admit that we love those guys for being that way! Key tracks: “Dig” “Face the Music” “Devil’s Advocate”

Living Colour Shade: Almost thirty years after releasing the debut album Vivid, Living Colour has released what might very well be the best album of their career. Wait, there’s no “might,” I have no problem in going out there and saying that is the best album of their career. Radio may not pick up on a single like they did back in 1989 with “Cult of Personality” and make a hit out of it as well, but that’s ok. I don’t think mainstream radio is very interested right now and it’s a shame because these guys have some powerful stuff on this album. This album is funky, hard, edgy, in your face, bluesy and fierce! Also, how the hell can Corey Glover’s vocals been this damn powerful so far along in his career? If you want to appreciate these songs even further, get your ass in a venue and see these guys live. I guaran-damn-tee you that you will be blown away! Key tracks:  “Program” “Who Shot Ya” “Who’s That”

Madame Mayhem Ready for Me: Madame Mayhem first crossed our musical radar with her 2015 album Now You Know. Our love for this talented lady was solidified when we saw her open up for metal legend Doro. Not only did she deliver the goods live, but she also managed to elevate those songs live which doesn’t always happen. For her new album, she has some familiar names joining her including Corey Lowery (St. Asonia), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence) and Ryan Bennett (Eye Empire). The emotional floodgates were opened on this one with the lyrical content hitting a very personal nature for Madame Mayhem. The album rocks with some very radio friendly tracks such as “Say Go” and “War You Started” and slows the pace down on one of our favorites “Before You Burn.” The voice is there, the strong musicianship is there, the catchy tunes are there and the passion from the artist is there. It’s just a matter of time before this talented lady rises to the top! Key tracks: “All Around the World” “Before You Burn” “War You Started”

Marty Casey The Ground You Walk On: We loved him on Rock Star: INXS. We loved him as frontman of Lovehammers. So, why wouldn’t we love him on a solo album…….right? Well, that’s not always the case and we won’t name any names so as to protect the guilty parties involved! We were intrigued when we heard that he was going to be releasing his first ever solo album, so we marked our calendar and anxiously awaited its release. There were two very important births in Marty’s life in 2017 with the first being on May 26 when The Ground You Walk On was officially released. I remember taking off my headphones after listening to the album from beginning to end the very first time and thinking “wow, that’s the coolest thing I have heard in a very long time.” It flows so smoothly from beginning to end and there’s a very cool vibe weaving its way throughout the entire album. It’s the perfect roadtrip album where you roll the windows down, crank up the music and just drive. This is another one of those feel good albums that gives you that comfy feeling like when you put on your favorite t-shirt or pjs. Key tracks: “The Ground You Walk On” “Broken” “It’s Our Time”

Night Ranger Don’t Let Up: The latest album by Night Ranger entitled Don’t Let Up is a great reminder of all of the reasons why we fell in love with this band back in the 80s. The guys sound amazing and if you’ve seen them live in concert, you can tell that they love making music and performing live. The band knows where they are going musically and they don’t stray too much from that path. I don’t blame them either, especially when the results are this damn good! There are a couple of ballads on there and we would expect that from the guys who gave us quite a few classic ones on the 80s. For the most part, the album is packed with up-beat rockers that are quite infectious and full of tasty solos! Key tracks: “We Can Work It Out” (“Won’t Be Your) Fool Again” “Somehow Someway”

Quiet Riot Road Rage: What do you do when you record a brand new album and decide that things just aren’t going to work out with your lead singer? Well, you part ways with him, you finally get the guy that you had wanted to front the band on your team and you re-record that album with all new lyrics. That’s the short version of what happened when Quiet Riot parted ways with Seann Nichols and turned the mic over to former American Idol contestant James Durbin. Road Rage finally saw the light of day on August 4 and it’s packed full of kick-ass tracks that will have you continuing to bang your heads. I don’t want to say that Durbin has breathed new life into the band because that almost sounds as if they were on life support. I think he brings a sense of enthusiasm to the band that it has been lacking. Eric Carr did the same thing when he joined KISS back in 1980. Durbin is a great fit for this band, so we are very excited to hear what Frankie Banali has in-store next for the band! Key tracks: “The Road” “Can’t Get Enough” “Freak Flag”

Roadcase Royale First Things First: It’s been all over the press about Heart’s Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy, deciding to take some time apart. Ann did a solo tour where she played some Heart staples plus other favorite songs of hers by other artists. Nancy formed a new band with former Prince New Power Generation member Liv Warfield. Warfield is a powerhouse vocalist who can sing anything and captivate a room. This new project stoked Nancy’s creative fire with the worlds of rock and soul colliding to create something rather special. The result was their debut album entitled First Things First containing all new material plus a couple of reworked Heart favorites. There’s also a great reworking of an overlooked gem from Colin Hay (Men at Work) entitled “Hold On To My Hand.” Fans were also excited when they heard that Nancy had finally finished “The Dragon,” which had been talked about for years, and would be including it on this album. There are so many reasons to be excited about this band and what the future holds in-store for them. Key tracks: “The Dragon” “Hold On To My Hand” “Get Loud”

Shaman’s Harvest Red Hands Black Deeds: The guys from Shaman’s Harvest were coming off of their most successful album to date in Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns. The industry was expecting them to go right, but they decided to take the fork in the road and go left. Yeah, it would have been so easy to make SH&BG Version 2.0, but that’s not how these guys operate. Even after twenty plus years, they continue to push the creative envelope and challenge themselves. In a day and age where the music industry and many of its artists seemed to be “singles geared,” it’s tough to come across an album like this. This new album is a journey; it needs and deserves to be heard in its entirety. When’s the last time that you listened to an entire album? You can still get a lot out of this album if you pick tracks to listen to and skip others, but you won’t get the complete picture that’s being painted. You’ll get parts of the dark, parts of the light, parts of the beauty and parts of the sadness, but not the entire thing. Do yourself a favor and listen to this entire album from beginning to end and do it more than once. You’ll pick up things that you missed with each listen. Lead vocalist Nathan Hunt is one of the most passionate guys in the industry and possesses one of the most underrated voices out there. Key tracks: “The Come Up” “Soul Crusher” “Broken Ones”

Ghostly Beard Infinite: One of the most rewarding parts of owning this magazine is when the universe makes sure that either I find certain music or it finds me. Patrick Talbot uses the handle Ghostly Beard when it comes to making music. He recently returned after a fifteen year hiatus with his Infinite EP. This five song EP is our favorite release this year to chill to. There may be elements of Pink Floyd on here as well as Steely Dan, but this is all Ghostly Beard and we absolutely love it. This guy paints with many colors from his musical palette and he creates something rather beautiful and cinematic with each track on here. It’s a shame he’s been out of the music scene for fifteen years, but I am a firm believer in all things happen for a reason and they do so when the time is right. Dear Universe, thank you for connected me with this amazing artist. Key tracks: “Limitless” “Winter Dance” “Close Your Eyes”

The Lovely Days Arms Wide Open: These crazy guys from Melbourne caught our attention in 2016 with their debut EP and they kept us entertained this year with its follow-up Arms Wide Open. Their retro, psychedelic yet modernized sound weaves its infectious rhythms into your soul and you just can’t sit still when that happens. Whether you tap your feet, snap your fingers or get up and dance, there is no way that you can sit completely still while listening to these guys. This new EP doesn’t stray too far from what we heard on their debut and we’re ok with that! Key tracks: “Mornington” “Turn Around” “One Day in Heaven”

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown (self-titled): The new self-titled release from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown is the band’s debut with Snakefarm Records and the guys come out swinging with one helluva release. It’s a personal and powerful journey from the first fuzzy guitar riffs of the opening track “Heartland” to the somber, Jeff Healy-esque closing track “Into the Black,” this album is quite epic with something for everyone. Bryant’s voice has a big of a swaggah to it in a very subtle way that really draws you in. The guy’s also one of the best guitarists out there and there are quite a few moments where that shines brightly on this album. Yet, it’s not overpowering wherein the album seems to depend on it to get its point across. “Ramblin’ Bones” is a track that allows the boys to let their blues roots shine. I feel like I’m sitting on a porch in Mississippi with boys with a cool breeze making its way through the trees. There’s a good chance we’re drinking some tasty adult beverages, as they let this track unwind in all of its glory. These guys have been creating quite a buzz over the last couple of years and there’s a good reason why. Key tracks: “Manipulate Me” “Ramblin’ Bones” “Backfire”

Jeff Scott Soto Retribution: 2017 has been one busy year for Soto who released two new albums within twenty days of each other, finished up an album with W.E.T., found time to manage a kick-ass up and coming band from the UK called Bigfoot, went out on the road with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and probably several other things that I forgot to mention! This is his first solo album since 2012’s Damage Control and his creative output is at an all-time high as he delivers in a major way. Soto’s powerful and passionate vocals shine throughout this album like on the ballad “Feels Like Forever” and the rocker “Reign Again.” This album is loaded with amazing songs and top notch musicianship from beginning to end. What a way to celebrate his fifteen year anniversary with Frontiers Music! Key tracks: “Reign Again” “Feels Like Forever” “Bullet for My Baby”

Sons of Apollo Psychotic Symphony: Jeff Scott Soto gets two mentions on our lists as he also fronts Sons of Apollo on their debut album Psychotic Symphony. The phrase “super group” tends to get overused by critics and the music industry, but this band is the defining meaning of a super group. Sons of Apollo is comprised of vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, SOTO), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater/Winery Dogs), Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big/Winery Dogs) and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses). It’s part classic rock, part prog rock and part blues that all join together to create something rather special. You may look at the track listing and think “only nine tracks?” but don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s a lack of material here. Several of the tracks clock in at over six minutes in length with the longest coming in at just over eleven minutes! The album is very melodic and packed full of tasty solos all throughout! The musicianship, as expected, is top notch with all of these guys turning in pretty damn amazing performances. This album might be Portnoy and Sherinians’ baby, but Sheehan, Thal and Soto have their fingerprints all over this album as well. Key tracks: “God of the Sun” “Opus Maximus” “Alive”

Lynch Mob The Brotherhood: George Lynch tore away from Dokken and formed Lynch Mob in 1989 and for the life of me, I have never been able to understand why this band isn’t bigger than it is. Yes, Lynch has been the only constant variable throughout the band’s long career, but they have released some kick-ass albums throughout it. Lead vocalist Oni Logan has been in and out of the band for most of its span and he and Lynch have really been clicking on all cylinders creatively with their last couple of releases. The Brotherhood is one of the best albums of the band’s career as they really seem to have tapped into something very special on this one. This lineup really seems to have found its groove, so to speak, on this album. There are plenty of heavy grooves found throughout the album, but they also manage to ease up on the gas on the ballad “Miles Away.” Another great track that stands out is “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl” which strays from what you might expect from the guys. With an album this damn solid, it makes me scratch my head yet again wondering why this band isn’t bigger. Key tracks: “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl” “Main Offender” “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde”

Dalton Deschain and the Traveling Show Catherine: We were intrigued by the first press release that we read pertaining to Dalton Deschain and the Traveling Show. “Born out of a nightmare had by Deschain, Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show is a project that combines unique music of various genres, artistic visuals, profound prose and vivid performances to tell dark stories that bring truths in life.” Deschain began work on a trilogy of concept EPs with each one centering around different female protagonists. Catherine is the second EP in the trilogy and follows the title character who is a struggling young aspiring actress who turns to the help of a dangerous man. It follows the release of Roberta which tells the story of a trans-woman circus freak in the 1940s who falls in love with a stagehand. Yes, our curiosity was now peaked and we had to investigate.  Although this EP is only three songs in length, with one of those being an interlude track serving as a bridge connecting the other two songs together, it’s one of the most original and compelling things that I have heard all year. I fell deeply in love with “Approximate Girl” upon my first listen as it transported me from my dark, candlelit room where I sat with my headphones on listening to it into its storyline of the motives of abandoning love in favor of ambition and the realization that you may never reach what you were searching for. You can’t confine the sound of this band to a box or a genre and that’s one of the coolest things about it. The accompanying books for each EP are also a thing of beauty that we highly encourage you to check out a well. In a sea of musical mediocrity where lack of originality and creativity seems to be thriving on radio and on the music charts, it’s so damn refreshing to have a release like this cross our musical radar. Key tracks: “Tin Laurels” “Approximate Girl” “Tin Laurels”

Kobra and The Lotus Prevail I: Canadian rockers Kobra and The Lotus began working on what was to be a double album and then were signed to Napalm Records who decided to release each album individually. 2017 saw the release of Prevail I which delivers a great diverse example of what this band is all about. It’s dark and brooding at times, then switches to more of a contemporary feel. The music is intense and powerful and proves to be the perfect vehicle for lead vocalist Kobra Paige. Her vocal delivery runs the gauntlet of emotions and intensity yet solidifying that she is one of the strongest in her genre. Key tracks: “Gotham” “Prevail” “Light Me Up”

Every Mothers Nightmare Grind: Regardless of what the critics had to say, the 80s provided us with some pretty awesome tunes! “Hair metal” was dominating the charts and power ballads were a huge part of that. Every Mother’s Nightmare provided us with quite a few awesome tunes back then including “Walls Come Down” and “Love Can make You Blind.” Here were are thirty years after the band was formed and lead vocalist Rick Ruhl is still keeping this thing alive! The band just released a brand new album this year entitled Grind and it’s pretty damn solid! It seems as if when a band from the 80s records a new album these days that it tries way too hard to sound exactly like what they did back in the day. They rely more on nostalgia than trying to move forward, but not Ruhl and EMN. Man, this new album kicks some serious ass with Reverend Ruhl and his guys firing on all cylinders! There’s even an appearance on the album by Shinedown’s Zach Myers! Oh yeah, if you choose to check out this album (and we hope you do), then please do us a favor. Please don’t listen to it through your computer speakers or your earbuds. This album has a big sound and demands to be heard through big speakers, so find someone with a great stereo and crank this damn thing as loud as you can until the authorities show up! Key tracks: “Loco Crazy” “Upper Hand” “Blown Away”



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