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Matthew Carroll is an extremely talented musician, songwriter, and band leader based out of Birmingham, AL.  His debut album Left To Burn will be released on February 1, 2018. With assistance from Kickstarter backers, Matthew was able to finance and produce the record himself.  The end result is an twelve song composition filled with so much passion, heart and soul.  His voice is warm and authentic, much like the lyrics on the album. I think everyone can find something relatable in each of his songs.

Left To Burn starts off with “Next One On Her List” Great mid-tempo number with an absolutely undeniable 90’s rock feel. I was instantly bopping my head and singing the chorus before the song was over.

“She Just Wants Me For My Body” carries the same kind of energy and is a very fun, tongue in cheek kind of story set to some incredible riffing provided by Carroll.

“Backup Man” starts off with a vibe reminiscent of “Meet Virginia” by Train, but then transforms into a very bluesy horn laden masterpiece. Matt really showcases his talents on “Backup Man” He tells a very tried and true story of one sided love and how he will not be someone’s second choice.  This is easily my favorite song the album.

“Heart On Fire” is the first single and video from the album; it’s a great up tempo pop rock number that you can check out below.

“Ex-Girlfriend” keeps things rocking and is easily the most “rock” tune on Left To Burn. The opening riff chugs like a train, and the chorus is absolutely infectious.

With only an acoustic guitar, “Love” begins and that sweet soul filled voice cries out, “What’s the worth of a man?” Carroll’s words are heartfelt and full of truth. The harmonies on “Love” are very well placed and empower his message.

Songs like “Pilots and Sailors, and “Folding” are just more examples of the blues soaked lamenting that captured both the ears and heart of this reviewer. I could easily picture a dimly lit room, a glass of whiskey resting on the table and sitting with a guitar as one would let their emotions spill.

As far as debut albums go, Let It Burn is truly an impressive offering.  Every song tells a different story in their own different way.  Kudos to the storyteller, Matthew Carroll for taking me down this musical path. I very much look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve for his sophomore release.

Contributing Writer Jason Mesa

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