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Following up on the critical success of their 2015 release Battering Ram, legendary heavy metal band Saxon have returned with their 22nd album entitled Thunderbolt.  The album is primed for release on Feb. 2nd, through Silver Lining Records.  Fans of Saxon and old school heavy metal are in for something very special here.

“It’s a storming smashing thundering collection of tracks we’ve been crafting with producer, Andy Sneap and it’s finished ready to be unleashed.”Stand clear and fasten your seat belts!”-Biff Byford

The track “Olympus Rising” introduces the listener to the album with the slow and steady build of electric guitar and thundering (pun intended) drums.

“Unleash the Gods of War!”  singer Biff Byford calls out in that majestic metal voice during  “Thunderbolt.”  Intense and compelling guitar are prevalent throughout the title track and serve as the perfect opener to an album full of pure unadulterated METAL.

“The Secret of Flight” is next and contains even more fluidity and fury. The firestorm of notes and riffs provided by guitarists Paul Quinn and Doug Scarlett are as breathtaking as the vocals and harmonies present.

First single and video from Thunderbolt is “They Played Rock & Roll.”  In addition to being another high energy, fist pumper, it is also a tribute to legendary Motorhead vocalist, Lemmy Kilmister. There is a even a small audio clip at 2:01 of Lemmy stating “We are Motorhead, and We Play Rock & Roll!” 


 “Predator” opens with one of the heaviest riffs on the album and features an amazing vocal trade-off between the aforementioned majestic metal voice and unexpectedly deep bellowing growls.

“Sons of Odin” brings us back to more of a traditional metal feel with Byford belting one of the most epic metal screams this reviewer has ever heard.

“Sniper”, “A Wizard’s Tale” and “Speed Merchants” keep the intensity and momentum high just before Thunderbolt  comes to a close with “Roadie’s Song.”

For their 22nd album, Saxon have delivered an impressive collection of songs and quite possibly one of the best metal albums of 2018, and it is only the end of January.  When February 2nd comes along, do yourself a favor and go get yourself a copy of Thunderbolt It will be available on your favorite digital platforms as well as options for physical copies such as CD’s and vinyl.

By Contributing Writer Jason Mesa


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