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Dropping, January 12th on Rat Pak Records, Alien Beans is the latest offering from King’s X guitarist, Ty Tabor.  Totaling twenty one songs in all, Alien Beans is a true gift of music to the listening masses.  Disc one is ten tracks of all new music from Ty (Tabor), while disc two is an eleven song “best of “collection from his previous releases that have been re-worked and re-mastered.

The album starts off with the very ethereal instrumental title track, “Alien Beans” I really enjoyed the mood and vibe of this song. I felt like my mind was taken to another place. Well, that doesn’t last long at all. The next track isn’t called “Freight Train” for nothing! “Freight Train” is a heavy blues and rock punch to the face. A very unexpected and very welcome surprise.  Following up is “Johnny Guitar” I think Johnny was riding that same freight train because it also has that similar powerful tone. Tabor’s voice compliments his guitar playing skills very nicely. I can only describe it as rasp with a side of soul.

Continuing on, the pace of the album slows down a bit with “So Here’s To You.”  This is a stand out track from Alien Beans.  Again, Ty (Tabor) has a chance to let his vocals shine over beautiful, sparse instrumentation.  “Back it Down” turns things back up, WAY UP! Thundering drums coupled with an infectious opening guitar riff, this track reminds me of Candlebox, one of my all-time favorite bands. The remaining songs on the album take you through twists and turns, as you have come to expect when listening to Alien Beans.  The album comes to a close with “Deeper Place” Great medium tempo number that calls to mind his songwriting style used with King’s X. Actually, this track could have easily been included on a King’s X release.

I saved the best for last.  Track eight entitled “Heavily Twisted” is by far my favorite song on this album. All of the elements work so well together. It has a slow and very heavy groove. At first listen, I am reminded of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles. Progressing on, the feel transforms into something darker and more brooding. At 1:54 the guitar solo begins to build and at that 2:00 minute mark, watch out! Ty lets loose and it is magical, beautiful, and inspiring.

Disc two is a collection of tunes handpicked by Tabor. They are from previous albums that he has released through the years.  A lot of great tracks laced with elements of rock, funk, and soul. It is easy to see his incredible songwriting presence in the band King’s X.  Favorite tracks: “Free Yourself”. “Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays” and “Change.

By: Contributing Writer Jason Mesa

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