Lucy Levinsohn (Evolove) Releases Debut Solo Single “Dear God”

After being a part of several music projects including Evolove, Waiting 4 Wyatt and Lily’s Siren, vocalist Lucy Levinsohn is stepping out on her own today with her debut solo single “Dear God.”

Here’s a little bit more of Lucy’s story and what’s she’s been up to from her Patreon page:

Hi I’m Lucy! I’m a songwriter. I have been writing songs since I can remember as a small girl sitting at the piano.  Music has given me so much in life and it’s been an interesting journey so far.  I’ve been able to tour a large portion of the United States doing what I love and meeting so many wonderful people.

You may have discovered me as the lead singer of the Los Angeles Rock Band, EVOLOVE, or maybe you know me through an earlier project like Waiting 4 Wyatt or Lily’s Siren.  If you have somehow stumbled upon me you can check out EVOLOVE’s music here:

You can google the other projects and see what interesting things come up 🙂

I’ve been married 11 years to one of my key musical collaborators, Billy Berman, aka the bassist and co-writer of the above listed projects.  After a decade plus of unforgetable musical experiences we are now on to a new adventure as the proud parents of two AMAZING and CRAZY kids, Zoey and Benny.

Parenthood has made my life more grounded, literally, as I have not toured since the birth of my first.  I have enjoyed this detour but it is my hopes to build this Patreon up to have the funds to tour again one day, with babies in tow!

Although I have not been on stage the past couple years I have kept myself involved in music, working on film and tv placements. I managed to get a placement in this year’s film “Mother’s Day” by the late Garry Marshall with a quirky song called “Momma Knows Best” …. That was a big milestone for me, a big budget film! WHOOO! It’s pretty silly and you can listen to it right here:…

During all this “down time” I have been backlogging my ideas, ohh do I have ideas…..Besides my own personal songs, I have started writing with other artists, and have ventured into producing. I am finding that I get as much joy creating music for other people as I do for my own material. In between all of that I’m writing my first Musical Comedy for film and stage which I plan to share with my Patrons from the ground up…. Like I said, I have lots of ideas but I don’t have the means to record and produce it all.

Now lets get real for a second, sustaining a music career is EXPENSIVE. The daily grind of just surviving life sometimes pushes creativity into the background.


With your support I can get back to doing what I love full time (in between taking Zoey to pre-school and changing Benny’s diapers obviously).  Your contribution is going to go STRAIGHT TO MAKING MUSIC! I’m super excited to be starting this new adventure together and seeing how far we can go!

Xoxo Lucy

Ps.  I love you for reading all of that!


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