Album Review ~ Pop Evil ~ (Self-titled)

Michigan natives Pop Evil will release their new album, Pop Evil on February 16 through Entertainment One Records. This is their sixth release to date, and this is easily their best release to date. With the addition of drummer, Hayley Cramer in 2016, Pop Evil is back and ready to unleash their self-titled masterpiece to the masses.

The first single, “Waking Lions” kicks things off, and kicks the doors wide open!  The music is aggressive and yet injected with fighting spirit. Singer Leigh Kakaty’s voice is the centerpiece of this empowering anthem about conquering fear.

 “I want to stand up a hundred feet tall, because fear will never lead my way.  I’m ready to run 100 miles strong, I will never be the same.” “I’m waking the lions in me!”

Running on all cylinders, Pop Evil fires back with “Colors Bleed”. The songwriting and thought provoking lyrics are driven home with an all-out assault on your ears and mind.  Influenced by Rage Against The Machine, Leigh skillfully combined his soaring rock vocals with elements of rap tinged with social awareness.  “Colors Bleed.” boasts quiet an epic interlude at the 1:58 mark.

“Ex Machina” and “Art of War” continue to relentlessly deliver a message of unity and standing against the powers that be. Guitarists Nick Fuelling and Dave Grahs provide the perfect backdrop with their intense riffing. I can only hope to make it to one of their shows in 2018 just to hear these songs in person and at full volume!

“Nothing But Thieves” and “A Crime To Remember. ”change the tone of the album incorporating  elements of industrial and electronic music. Both tracks are exceptional, as they each meld different styles and showcase the rich diversity that is Pop Evil.

Things take an introspective turn with the songs, “God’s Dam” and “When We Were Young.” Birds of Prey” is a great mid-tempo number with a solid foundation of groove provided by Matt DiRito (Bass) and Hayley Cramer.

The album comes to a close with the spiritual and uplifting “Rewind.” The lyrics are very spiritual and one can only come to the conclusion that Kakatay has found a rebirth within himself and with music.

Writing this review has truly been a labor of love. I have been a fan of Pop Evil since the band released Lipstick On The Mirror back in 2008. The songs were heavy, catchy, and most importantly came from a place that was real. Ten years later, Pop Evil shows us and the rest of the world that they are just getting started.

By Contributing Writer Jason Mesa

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