Album Review ~ Turbowolf ~ ‘The Free Life’

Modern day rockers Turbowolf are releasing their third album, The Free Life on March 9th 2018. It seems like their mission is to take everything you know about rock and roll and turn it upside down.  They not only think and create outside the box, they complete obliterate it!

“Guitar music has become one of the safest and most predictable genres around,” says guitarist Andy Ghosh. “It’s been going on like that for so long now that people have actually forgotten the whole point of rock and roll was to be dangerous and scary and unpredictable. Things are stale and boring. We’re trying to shake things up and make them interesting again.”

The Free Life is just bursting at the seams with raw power and dripping with unadulterated attitude, Opening up with the “No.No.No”, the band comes right out of the gate with a passion fueled rocker. The opening guitar riff reminds me of Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins.

Oh, and they’re just getting started. Tracks like “Capital X”, “Cheap Magic”, and “Very Bad” continue to pummel your senses with reckless abandon.

“Half-Secret” will get your hands clapping and your toes tapping and provides a nice intermission from all that unbridled guitar fury. Vocalist Chris Georgiadis injects some atmospheric synthesizer love into this funky and danceable number.

Mike Kerr from Royal Blood lends his vocal talents to the driving “Domino” The opening guitar riff on this song is infectious, and overall this my favorite song on The Free Life.

The album concludes with the aptly titled, “Concluder.” Without sacrificing any instrumentation, this last song slows down the tempo of the album and helps the listener to center and focus once again. It offers up a chance to reflect on the madness that just berated their senses.

In conclusion, I offer up this tidbit of advice. Open up your ears, your mind, and forget anything and everything that you think you know about modern rock and roll music. Grab yourself a pair of headphones along with a copy of The Free Life, and just enjoy the ride.

By Contributing Writer Jason Mesa

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