Album Review ~ We Are Band Nerds ~ ‘Forget Me Nots’

As I was reading through the press release for We Are Band Nerds, one particular phrase caught my attention. I knew that I had to listen to and review this album immediately.


Now that is a pretty bold statement to make. You really need to have the skills and creativity to back that up. Well, I can honestly tell you that these band nerds can walk the walk and talk the talk. They bring that infectious combination of atmospheric rage of the first and the fluidity of the latter.

We Are Band Nerds is composed of Brandon Cross (Lead Singer/Rapper), Tony Lucas (Rapper/Vocalist), Dorian “Scullie” Thomas (Guitarist), Carlos “DJ Sol*Los” Juarez (DJ/Sampler), Stephen “S Dot” Bonilla (Drums), and Santos “Sandman” Johnson (Bass).

They are taking the genre of Nu-Metal and pushing the envelope. Incorporating elements of jazz, hip-hop, rap and blending them with the ferocious power of rock and metal. Personally, I am a huge supporter of the rock/rap movement and I am breathless with anticipation for Forget Me Nots (Pavement Entertainment) to be released on February 23rd.

Forget Me Nots opens with the track “Hunger Games.” Inspired by the movie of the same name, DJ Sol layers the eerie whistle alongside various electronic samples. A short countdown from 4 follows and the song explodes with an aggressive trifecta of bass, drums, and guitar. The madness unfolds once vocalists Brandon and Tony take the mic.

The first single and video from the album is ‘’WHORE (Mend My Soul)” Starting off with a brief a cappella, the song becomes very atmospheric and organic. Just enough to lure you in and then the pin is pulled.  From the top of his lungs, Brandon screams, “I’d rather be a WHORE!” backed by what I can describe is more of a Rage Against The Machine type of venom and fury.

The rest of the album takes you on an unforgettable journey. Bobbing and weaving through musical styles like a champion fighter and knocking out lyrics in the same fashion.  Topics dealt with range from  racism, poverty, love gone sour, and struggling with the ways of the world.

One of my favorite lyrical passages comes from the funky, socially aware track, “Underwater.”

“Who does the go-to guy go to when he’s going through and he needs help?”  “I guess Superman saves himself?”

We Are Band Nerds have managed to create an album that challenges your mind to think, your heart to feel, and inspire your ears to listen and not just hear.

By Contributing Writer Jason Mesa




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