Towers of London Return With New Single/Video “Send in the Roses”

Towers of London stormed back on to the scene, luckily for us, just in time for the close of 2018 with their single “Shot in the Dark.” Contrary to the title, it shot them into the light with Premiership stadium playlisting’s, Virgin Radio’s “Track of the Week” and a well-earned place on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch video line up!

The Towers now return with their second serving of raucous riffs and unrelenting energy in the form of “Send in the Roses”. Prepare to have yourself whirled back to that school disco and those awkward teenage years as this is a true indie hit throwing us back to the hot and sweaty days of the noughties and the Death Disco.

With romantic connotations and a less than coincidental Valentine’s Day release, Towers of London aren’t afraid to show their softer side. But do not be deceived…they may be sending in the roses, but they certainly aren’t cutting back any thorns on those stems – this track delivers prickly punches and “spiky exuberance” from the get go and a chorus that will have you hooked, quite literally.

Valentines day is not the only coincidence as this February also see’s one of the biggest international events in the sporting calendar: The Six Nations. With a chorus that chants “Send in the Roses”, Towers of London have not only produced a superb slice of anthemic, catchy glam-punk meets indie disco, but a track to get our boys ready and riled to take England to touchdown town!

It’s been 10 years since the Towers first crashed onto the scene with their angsty punk rock anthems and fever pitch stage shows. Now under the guidance of legendary music manager Alan McGee and Creation Management, their forthcoming album Super Sounds Of K-Town has nods to their past but open arms to their future as a global rock band.

The Towers much anticipated, forthcoming album Super Sounds Of K-Town will be released spring 2018.

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