Album Review ~ Bulletboys ~ ‘From Out Of The Skies’

It has been nearly 30 years since the Bulletboys went smooth up into the hard rock scene with their monster self-titled debut album. Moving forward to 2018 and despite a few personnel changes, the Bulletboys are back and they are dropping a new album on March 23rd entitled From Out Of The Skies on Frontiers Records.

I have been a fan of the band since that first album was released and I can honestly say that this is not your parent’s Bulletboys. What I mean is that singer and founding member Marq Torien has transformed the 2018 lineup into a lean and mean rock and roll machine. The “hair metal” image has been stripped away and the focus is solely on the music, with all the attitude and passion remaining firmly intact.

“Apocalypto”:  Killer opening riff builds into a solid up tempo rocker. Great song to kick off the album and serves as a preview of what is to come.

“D-Evil”: This is the first single off of From Out Of The Skies and features guest vocals from Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal fame. This is quite possibly one of the best songs that Bulletboys have written. Every instrument sounds larger than life, including the voice of Marq Torien. Once the chorus hits, you’re already hooked and singing along by the end of the song. You can check out the video below!

Big and boisterous sing along choruses are what Bulletboys are famous for! Tracks like “Hi-Fi Drive By” and the title track are perfect examples of that with the latter having more of a darker, mid-tempo feel.

“Losing End Again” is the first of three ballads on the album. Acoustic guitar intertwined with beautiful rhythmic percussion provide the perfect backdrop to this song about a love relationship gone sour.

The listener is then treated to a triple dose of hard rock swagger by way of the tracks “What Cha Don’t”, “Suckerpunch”, and “PRAB MASTERED” which has unexpected elements of electronic music and funk.

“Once Upon A Time” brings From Out Of The Skies to a close. It is definitely an unwanted closure, but a close nonetheless. Leading with somber piano, Marq croons poetic and reflects on his life and choices he has made. “It’s the best moment of my life!” Truly and uplifting song that enstills a feeling hope and a spirit to fight for the best version of your life. That is what this reviewer took away from it.

Marq Torien – Vocals & Lead Guitar, Nick Rozz – Guitar, Chad MacDonald – Bass, Anthony Tiny Biuso – Drums

Now, I saved one special track for last. Track nine entitled “Switchblade Butterfly.” Before I had the chance to review this album, I watched a live feed of Marq Torien performing this song as a tribute to a dear friend who had lost his life the previous week. It was one of the most heartfelt performances that I have seen in my life. I believe the song is open to interpretation, therefore I will leave it to the listener to take away from it what they will.

As I mentioned before, this is not the Bulletboys of yesterday. This version of the band is alive, well, and firing on all cylinders. Everything that you have ever loved about the Bulletboys remains, just without all the Aqua Net and makeup.

Make sure that March 23rd is marked on whatever calendar you may own, and purchase a copy of From Out Of The Skies!

By Contributing Writer Jason “Supes” Mesa

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