Album Review ~ L.A. Guns ~ ‘Made In Milan’

The stars have aligned and there is air conditioning in hell!  Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are together again in L.A. Guns after more than ten years apart. The fellas reunited last year and released their comeback album, The Missing Peace. The album was welcomed with open arms by both fans and critics. L.A. Guns have since wasted no time and are releasing the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package Made in Milan on March 23, 2018 through Frontiers Records.

Captured in Milan, Italy shortly after the release of The Missing Peace, the band performed a crushing 14 song set filled with all the classic hits as well as tracks for their latest effort.  There are no signs of rust, and the cobwebs were shaken off very quickly. The band sounds just as amazing, if not better than they ever have.

Opening up with “No Mercy” and “Electric Gypsy” from the self –titled debut, come crashing through the gates and take the audience by the throat.  Tracii Guns takes his rightful place as THE guitar player for L.A. Guns. His guitar playing sounds phenomenal, full of fury and fire.

“You want to hear something loud, fast, and heavy?” Phil Lewis asks the audience as the band launches into one of their heaviest songs, “Killing Machine.”

An exquisite guitar solo performed with a violin bow leads us into the moody masterpiece “Over The Edge.”  This song is nothing short of pure magic when performed live.

“Sex Action” gets things back up to speed. The boys manage to inject a bit of Rolling Stones and throw in some “Paint It Black” before closing the song out.

We get a taste of the new album in the form of “Speed.” This a great high energy rock song in the same vein of “No Mercy” from the debut album.  Old school L.A. Guns fans will really dig this track.

The classics just keep coming after that. The dark and desperate “One More Reason” , the bluesy swagger of “Kiss My Love Goodbye”, and the infectious double dose of “Malaria” and “Never Enough.”

“Jelly Jam” is a tender, yet blistering instrumental jam session with all members of the band minus Phil.

“Hey Milan, are you going to sing with me?” Phil Lewis proudly asks as the band launches into their biggest hit, “Ballad of Jayne.” Being in the audience must have been an incredible experience from both a fan and artist perspective.  I sure was singing along to this another the other hits while typing this review.

Closing out the album on a high note, is the raw and aggressive number, “Rip & Tear” from the Cocked and Loaded album.  The DVD & Blu-Ray include the bonus track “The Bitch Is Back.”

Made In Milan is one of the few records that capture that true live concert experience.  From the first riff to last roar of the fans, L.A. Guns have created something very special for both new and old fans alike.

By Contributing Writer Jason “Supes” Mesa

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