Album Review ~ The Crowned ~ ‘Apparition’

The Crowned hail from South Texas and have released their album, Apparition (Pavement Records) to the masses and this album is a monster!

Opening up the album is the ferocious title track, “Apparition.”  Right from the start, the listener is pummeled with riff after riff, and that opens up the flood gates for vocalist/drummer Marc Coronado to crash the party and rip faces off with his intense voice. Did I mention he is the drummer too?

“Defeat The Monster”, “Hate”, and “Murder” keep the intensity going. You can really pick up on the influence of Texas metal, especially in the rhythm section. Very reminiscent of early Pantera.

“Forthcoming” starts off with a beautiful piano interlude followed by a more subdued vocal in the vein of Bullet For My Valentine.

There are a couple of tracks featuring guest vocals that are worth mentioning.  Vocalist Corpse Queen makes a very welcome appearance with her beautiful and haunting voice on one of the heavier tracks, “Kill.”

“Warfare” features Amanda Maddera, formerly of the band Cassket of Cassandra. Amanda’s voice is much heavier and similar to Marc’s.  They both play off each other very well.

Apparition is one solid heavy metal album from top to bottom. Everything that I look for in a good metal album is here. With fierce intensity, passion and integrity, The Crowned are well on their way to becoming a contender in the world of metal if they keep cranking out music like this!

Go grab yourself a copy of Apparition from your favorite digital music outlet.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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