Country Rock Leaning Singer/Songwriter Kevin Daniel’s New EP ‘Myself Through You’ Out Now + Tour Dates

Songwriter, musician, and singer Kevin Daniel new EP Myself Through You out now, blending roots rock riffs, Americana flavor, country flavored southern rock, with a touch of blues. His music career started when he was just five years old, singing songs into a turkey baster turned microphone; by the time he graduated from George Washington University in 2008, Daniel had already played in various bands of many genres. But it was his move to New York City in 2013, and a sudden and unexpected tragedy, that put Kevin on the path towards his solo career.
Kevin Daniel might be a new name to you but remember it because his country-leaning rock and moody ballads really showcase his anthemic songwriting and hoarse-throated vocals and we hope he’s here to stay”
The Network317
In the winter of 2013 Kevin’s mother and stepfather, adventure-seekers and amateur pilots, had been flying back from their mountain house in western North Carolina when their plane crashed, tragically, neither survived. Kevin’s world was forever changed. During his return home to help with family business, and while reliving his parent’s lives through photos and stories he wrote over a dozen songs. The result was his inaugural 2015 EP, Fly“I always knew I wanted to record my own music, and a life spent being in other people’s bands had prepared me to lead my own, both in the studio and on the stage. It was losing my parents that gave me the kick in the ass to finally do it” says Daniel.
Southern rocker Kevin Daniel is based in Brooklyn, but grew up in North Carolina, and he’s delivering his fresh take on Outlaw Country with a Rock N Roll feel on his sophomore EP, Myself Through You”
 – East Coast Rocker

The songs on the new EP, Myself Through You, were recorded in the summer of 2017 at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Benjamin Rice (Jack Penate, Silya & The Sailor, Aoife O’Donovan) Kevin gathered together a host of talented, professional musicians from all backgrounds for the project, which resulted in a richly recorded blend of genres and instruments.
“An amazing musician” – The Subjective Perspective Show
Myself Through You will be out now via Creative Entertainment Network/The Orchard a division of Sony Music.
Kevin Daniel | Myself Through You Tour dates:
April 4 at The Fire in Philadelphia, PA
April 6 at Isis Music Hall, Ashville, NC
April 7 at Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC
April 8 at Red Light Café in Atlanta, GA
April 9 at Flicker Bar in Athens, GA
April 10 at Milestone in Charlotte, NC
April 11 at Radio Room in Greenville, SC
April 14 at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ
April 18 at Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC

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