Album Review ~ Black Coffee ~ ‘Take One’

I am not quite sure what year it is exactly. My calendar says 2018, however I feel like I have just been transported back in time to the late 60’s or early 70’s. That is the exact description that I can give you as I am listening to Take One, the debut album from the rock trio, Black Coffee. Their press release states that they formed back in 2017. That is mind boggling, to say the least. Black Coffee takes all of the best elements of rock and roll music from the past 40-50 years and have melded them into something absolutely breathtaking and refreshing.

The chemistry and musicianship between these three individuals is astounding. If they sound this killer on an album, I can only imagine just how jaw dropping they are in concert.

Take One starts off with the very lush and bluesy “Creamer.” Clocking in at just 0:41, it is the perfect way to whet your appetite for what is about to hit your ear drums.

“I Barely Know Her” opens up huge with power chords and tons of fat, nasty grooves. Vocalist Ehab Omran has a great voice for rock and roll. He sounds like Bon Scott, Chris Robinson, Robert Plant, and Sebastian Bach all rolled into one. I hope that makes sense.

Check out the video for “Creamer”/”I Barely Know Her” below.

“Hurricane” is a straight ahead and high octane rock and roll masterpiece that showcases the ferocious dexterity of guitarist, Justin Young.

“Monica” has a solid groove with some funk flavor added. Ehab’s voice is as smooth as liquid gold.

“Born To Lie” has a great intro that reminds me of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who. What a great mid-tempo rock song with an undeniably catchy chorus.

“The Traveler” slows the tone of the album down some. Beautiful acoustic guitar opening paves the way for this haunting and bluesy track.

“Psychedelic Red” and “Fade” are a pair of amazing straightforward hard rock tracks that get the juices pumping and those energy levels back up. I tell you, the more I hear Justin’s guitar playing, the more impressed I become. Justin’s ability in changing styles feels and sounds almost effortless.

With everything, all things must come to an end. While it wasn’t intentional, I saved the best for last. The closing song “Away” is PHENOMENAL! Clocking in at 3:57, it isn’t until 2:52 when the vocals kick in. I almost thought this was an instrumental closer. “Away” opens up with a loosely strummed acoustic guitar and minimal percussion. The song builds very gradual and then at the 1:10 mark everything just “goes to 11!” This was most definitely the right chose to close the album out.

When I heard the name of this band was Black Coffee, I was expecting to hear something straight out of the coffee shop. You know, an acoustic duo performing chill out music. I wasn’t expecting a stadium worthy rock trio to rock my speakers and crush my ear drums! If you are any kind of rock fan, you will grab yourself a copy of Take One and blast it maximum volume. This is not coffee sippin’ music.   9/10 Stars!

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

Black Coffee is Tommy McCullough (Drums), Ehab Omran (Vocals/Bass), Justin Young (Guitar)



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