Album Review ~ Lillye ~ ‘Evolve’

This album is absolutely fantastic!  That is how I am going to open up this review. I truly racked my brain for a better introduction, and I just couldn’t come up with one. I really try to stay away from the “female-fronted” tags because I think that with any album, the band as a whole should be the focus.

Eclipse Records recording artist Lillye recently dropped its juggernaut of an album Evolve. There is not one thing about this album that I don’t like or approve of. The production is stellar, all members are great musicians and the songs are top notch.

Straight out of the gate, Evolve kicks into high gear with “Run.” This raw and gritty rocker sets the tone for what is to come on the next 10 songs after. Lillye’s voice is dark, powerful and really grabs you by the face. Bennet’s beats those drums with so much intensity that I’m thinking this is the last song he is ever going to play.

“In The End” is an infectious mid-tempo rocker with amazing guitar work provided by Matt Ellis. I guarantee that after the first couple of spins, it will be embedded in your brain. Virginia Lillye has great control over those spectacular vocals. When the time comes, she can unleash, and she can also reign it in with flawless ease.

“Better Days” is easily one of the heaviest and best tracks on Evolve. Virginia Lillye truly shines as her versatility as a vocalist is showcased. The band is precision tight and continuously builds the song into an explosive conclusion.

The track “Fire” is a dark and enticing number that seduces your ears and your mind. Listening to this, I am reminded of bands such as Nightwish, Echoes of Eternity, and Amaranthe.

Not to be confused with the song from A-ha, “Take On Me” boasts a killer drum intro before the guitar takes over and leads us into an uplifting and powerful song of love.

Other standout tracks include “It Is What It Is” and “The Grass Is Greener.”

Evolve closes out in a big way with “Through My Soul.” All the stops have been pulled out. The guitar riffs are huge. The rhythm section is solid as a rock, and the vocals are just dripping with brilliance. This is the kind of song you want close with!

Lillye has dropped an amazing debut album to the music listening masses. That’s right, I said DEBUT album. I can only imagine, no, dream about what their sophomore album effort will sound like.  Evolve will easily be in my Top 10 of 2018.  9/10 stars….for sure.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

Lillye is: Virginia Lillye – Vocals, Christian Lauria – Bass, Matt Ellis – Guitar and Bennet Livingston – Drums


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