Album Review ~ Farewell To Fear ~ ‘Voices’

If you are looking for that mainstream rock sound with the monster sized riffs and huge choruses, then look no further than the band, Farewell to Fear. F2F have just dropped their new album, Voices (Pavement) and they are ready to rock your face off.

Opening up with the dark and moody title track “Voices”, these boys are off to a great start. When the chorus hits, it is all systems go!

Things only get better from there. “Wake Me Up” is a killer tune with an explosive opening.  Personally, I think they should have opened the album with this song, but nonetheless, it is a stellar track that really gets your blood and fists pumping.

“Misery” really pushes that petal to the metal right from the opening. The rhythm section sounds insane, especially when drummer Jimmy Adams crushes that double bass action.

“Your Cure” and “Waiting For Sunrise” bring the tempo down slightly, however the songs remain heavy with soaring choruses.

“Broken Wings” is a standout tune.  Vocalist Mike Craig truly shines when he sings “I will fly on these broken wings, can’t kill my dreams again!”

“Underneath My Skin” is the highly anticipated first single from Voices. All of the best elements of each band member come together to create an amazing track ready for modern rock radio.

“Dead Generation” is a call to arms with great background music. It is a message for the new generation that it is time to sink or swim in order to survive here on Planet Earth.

The album comes to a close with the haunting ballad “Take Me Home.” The sound is very reminiscent of the Jar of Flies era of Alice In Chains.  A standout track, and easily this reviewer’s favorite song.

Farewell to Fear have released a mainstream rock album in a time when those kinds of albums are few and far between. Voices is a solid release, and I highly recommend picking it up from your favorite music retailer.  7.5/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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