Album Review ~ Hyro The Hero ~ ‘Flagged Channel’

You know that infamous scene in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta plunges the adrenaline filled syringe into the chest of Uma Thurman?  Well, that is really the best way that I can describe the feeling of listening to the Flagged Channel, the new album from Hyro The Hero.

Flagged Channel is a twelve track adrenaline shot to the senses. Hyro takes the musical elements of punk, metal, hip-hop and blends them with social conscious lyrics for something that is extremely exciting in today’s music world.

Opening track and first single, “Bullet” gets things off to an incredible start.  Introduced by sparse instrumentation, “Bullet” transforms into a high octane rocker complete with explosive lyrical spitting.

Shades of Rage Against The Machine are evident in the monster tracks, “We Aint Afraid” and “Locked, Loaded, and Ready.”

“Sick of it All” is an urgent message to the world that this world needs to change. The gang style vocals crying out “We are sick of it all” really tie this track together and bring it home.

There are a couple of guest appearances on the Flagged Channel that are alone worth the price of the album.

“Devil In Disguise” is a brutal collaboration between Hyro and Munky from Korn. The riffs are heavy and Munky’s fretwork plays quite nicely off Hyro’s vocals and rapping.

“Killas Are Coming” features an unexpected, but very welcome guest vocal appearance from Ash Costello of New Year’s Day. Ash  is one of my favorite modern rock singers and she absolutely nails the chorus when it kicks in. “Killas” is easily the catchiest song on the album and my choice for best song on the album.

Other notable tracks include “Do or Die”, “Closed Casket” and “Never Back Down.” The latter has an amazingly melodic sing-along chorus.

The album comes to a close with epic “Let The Snake Show.” Hyro truly leaves it all on the table with this song. The profanity-riddled poetry, heavy instrumentation, and unbridled angst is all here. It is safe to say that this will be one to look forward to in the live set. 

Flagged Channel is an album of very refreshing music. Only a handful of bands and artist can successfully pull of the melding of hip-hop and heavy music. Hyro The Hero has definitely done that, and then some.

I urge you to go online and purchase this album from your favorite music retailer or pick it up at a local record store, or even a HTH show.  9/10 Stars!

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

Stream/Purchase your copy of Flagged Channel HERE


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