Album Review ~ Like A Storm ~ ‘Catacombs’

In 2015, New Zealand’s own Like A Storm took the hard rock scene by…….STORM!

Their song “Love The Way You Hate Me” racked up millions of views on You Tube and Spotify. They also released their sophomore album, Awaken The Fire which includes  the hits, “Wish You Hell”, “Become The Enemy, and an absolutely monster cover of the Coolio hit, “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

Fast forward to 2018 and the boys from New Zealand are back with a killer new album entitled, Catacombs (RED MUSIC)

Leading off with the first single, “The Devil Inside,” Like A Storm goes straight for the throat. The guitars are heavy and there is a very primal feel to the bass and drums. Lead vocalist, Chris Brooks sounds like a man possessed. He’s on a mission to make you feel, to make you feel what he feels. What an excellent way to open and leave the listener wanting more.

Check out the video for “The Devil Inside” below.

“The title track, “Catacombs” takes a bit of a different turn. Slowing down the tempo slightly, Chris Brooks really lets his melodic voice shine.  Overall, the track is dark, moody, and very catchy.

On “Solitary”, lead guitarist and keyboard programmer, Matt Brooks takes on the task of lead vocalist on this haunting and beautiful track. The blending of soaring vocals set to a backdrop of intense guitar is phenomenal and has easily made this a stand out track on Catacombs.

“Until The Day I Die” has to be my favorite track on the album. The groove from Kent Brooks (bass) and Zach Wood (drums) is off the charts. Chris (Brooks) hypnotizes you with that soothing voice and then out of nowhere, he hits you with all the emotion and rage. This one is my pick to go straight to the good folks at Sirius XM Octane. \m/ J

Other notable tracks are the infectious, “The Bitterness”, the soul stripping, “Hole In My Heart”, and near death metal tinged, “These Are The Bridges You Burned Down.”

Catacombs comes to a close with the epic “Pure Evil.” “Pure Evil” clocks in at just under 7 minutes, and the band truly leaves it all on the table. The eerie and macabre piano, while unexpected, truly sets this song apart from everything else.

If you are not aware of Like A Storm yet, you really need to be. With Catacombs, they are lighting the path and leading the way for the new generation of hard rock bands. The lyrics are introspective, the musicianship is complex, and Chris Brooks possesses a voice that speaks to your heart, brain, and soul.

Rating: 8/10 Stars!

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

Stream/Purchase your copy of Catacombs HERE


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